Jesus You Are Mine

You are my rest when I grow weary,
my comfort when I am sad.
You are my light to see more clearly,
my joy when I am glad.
You are the smile that lights my face,
my guide when I am blind.
You are my still and silent place,
the peace within my mind.
You are the fountain of all grace,
the bearer of all my pain.
You are all I long to embrace,
the love I wish to gain.
You are the dawn of every day,
my friend when I have needs.
You are my life, my truth, my way,
the good in all my deeds.
You are all in me that’s kind,
the guardian of my soul.
You are the purest wisdom I can find,
the Spirit which makes me whole.
You are my Lord and God above,
my hope in every hour.
You are my richest purest love,
my everlasting power.

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