Miracles Of The Miraculous Medal

The Widow’s Miracle

In 1834, only two years after the first copies of the Miraculous Medal were made and distributed in Paris, news of the medal had traveled throughout France. One person who heard about it was a 70-year-old impoverished widow who had entered the nursing home of Saint-Maur after a terrible fall in August 1833. Not only did she have to drag her left leg, she needed assistance to walk, and she had difficulty sitting and getting back up. When she heard about the medal, in January 1834, she requested one and was filled with hope.
As soon as she received it, in March of that year, she went to Confession. The next day – which was the first Friday of the month – she received the Holy Eucharist and began praying a novena to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. She also venerated the medal, which she wore around her neck, 20 times a day. She was suddenly free of her pain by the seventh day of the novena. Everyone at the nursing home was shocked when she began walking without assistance. After having received the miraculous cure, she was even able to climb stairs and kneel.

Miraculous Recovery

By 1836, news of the medal had spread throughout Europe. In January of that year, a priest in Italy secretly slipped a medal into the pillow of a 27-year-old man who had become indifferent about his faith. Even though he was dying from pneumonia, he didn’t want to turn from sin and return to his faith and family. Since the priest and a chaplain had failed to convince him to do so, the priest hoped to return after giving the young man time to reflect on what they had said. Before the priest returned, the young man reconciled with his mother and asked her to call the priest, because he wanted to reject the sins of his past and return to his faith. When the priest showed him the medal and gave it to him, the young man began devoutly kissing the medal. With remorse, he confessed his sins and received absolution, and he also received the Last Rites. But to everyone’s astonishment, he began feeling better and made a full recovery within a few days. He kept the medal and frequently kissed it with great devotion and gratitude to God and Blessed Mother.

Miracle Of Sight

Later that year, in June 1836, a miracle occurred in Belgium. Rosalie Ducas, a little girl who had been a healthy toddler, suddenly lost her sight on November 9, 1835 at the age of four and a half. Losing her sight was such a traumatic experience that the child was disturbed day and night. Realizing that the child needed help from above, the parish priest of Jodoigne-la-Soveraine gave the girl’s mother a Miraculous Medal. On June 11, 1836, the woman placed another medal around her daughter’s neck, and she started praying a novena. Within six hours of placing the medal around the child’s neck, the little girl stopped complaining of pain. Then, on the fourth or fifth day of the novena, Rosalie opened her eyes. The parents felt so hopeful that they prayed even more. To the overwhelming delight of Rosalie, her parents and the priest, the child regained her sight and was freed from her pain on the ninth day of the novena.

Healing Of Mind

By the end of 1837, people throughout the world had learned about the Miraculous Medal. And around that time, a woman in China received a miracle. She was given the medal by Saint John Gabriel Perboyre, a holy priest who was on mission in Ho-Nan. The saint – who was later imprisoned, tortured for about a year and martyred in 1840 because of his Christian faith – was told about the woman by other Christians living in Ho-Nan. They told the priest that she desperately wanted him to hear her confession, even though she had been mentally disturbed for about eight months. Although it was almost impossible for her to make a coherent confession, he compassionately agreed to hear her. Although she didn’t know what it was, the saint gave her the Miraculous Medal, so that she could be under the protection of Blessed Mother. Only four or five days later, he was amazed at the healing that had taken place. Her mental suffering and anguish had been replaced by peace, common sense and joy.

Miracle Of The Ice Cream

Despite the miracles associated with the medal, many people don’t believe it can make such a difference. Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. was one of those people. Not long after he had been ordained, a Vincentian priest encouraged him and others to promote the Miraculous Medal, because Blessed Mother really does work miracles through it. Although Fr. Hardon ordered a free pamphlet on how to bless the medals and enroll people in the Confraternity of the Miraculous Medal, he didn’t get one for himself. But later, in 1948, when the United States priest encountered a ten-year-old boy who was in a coma after a sledding accident, he decided to see if it would help. A sister who worked at the hospital found one and a ribbon the priest could use to hang it around the boy’s neck. Even though the boy had been diagnosed with inoperable permanent brain damage, the priest read the prayer that enrolled the boy in the Confraternity of the Miraculous Medal. As soon as he finished the prayer, the boy opened his eyes and asked his mother for ice cream. It was the first time he had spoken in nearly two weeks. New x-rays showed the brain damage had disappeared, and the boy was released from the hospital after about three days. Like the boy and his family, the priest’s life and his belief in the medal were forever changed.

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8 Responses to Miracles Of The Miraculous Medal

  1. Teresa Miramontes says:

    My lady grant my granddaughter Amanda Centeno the miracle to restated in her same position after they terminated her & her coworker help them get their jobs back they posted a video with no intent to harm, give her, her job back she waiting on a 15 day period to see if they’ll give her her job back thank you her grandma Teresa Miramontes


    I want this how can I get this ??

  3. Mona says:

    Thank you for sharing the testimonies as they bring hope and light. Praying to settle in well in a new country and job. Praying for God’s peace and guidance in the work place. Praying for a full recovery of my mum’s eye sight. Praying for healing and good health.

  4. Janelle McCollins says:

    My sister-in-law gave me a miraculous metal and had it blessed. I am wearing it around my neck. I have stage 4 cancer. I am praying for God’s strength and faith to trust in his plan for me. “I need you Jesus. I am healing. I am handing everything over to you. You got this. You are moving things around on my behalf. I am so grateful for your love and grace. Amen”

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      I am sorry to hear of your cancer. I will pray for you too. Stay close to Jesus and offer him everything, his grace will always be sufficient.
      God bless

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