Healing Miracles of The Shroud of Turin

From its earliest years there have been many stories around the shroud of Turin, there have been many claims of miracles and healings. Four credible witnesses testified that in 544 when Edessa was threatened with a siege by the Persian army, the image was rushed to the top of the city wall and displayed to the enemy; the army retreated and abandoned the attack.

Eusebius and others stated that King Agabar V of Edessa was terminally ill and was instantly healed after just gazing on the shroud.

Another story relates that when the shroud was in procession to Constantinople in 944, a man who had an evil spirit was delivered when he touched it.

In more recent years, in 1954, in Gloucestershire, England, 11-year-old girl, Josie Wollam, was in hospital dying of a severe bone disease, osteomyelitis, in both her hip and leg, she also had lung abscesses. The doctor told her mother that there was no hope for Josie, and she was given the last rites of the church. However, Josie had heard that a retired RAF Group Captain Leonard Cheshire was holding lectures on the Shroud of Turin quite close by, and she told her mum she felt sure that she would be able to walk again if she could just see the shroud. Josie urged her mother to help her achieve this, so her mother wrote to Captain Cheshire and he had a photograph of the shroud face sent to Josie. In just holding the photograph Josie had a partial remission of the bone disease, and two weeks later, Josie came home from the hospital. She was still unable to walk, but continued to say that if she could just see the shroud and be near it, she believed that she would be completely cured. Cheshire was so impressed by Josie’s strong faith that he took her to Portugal to see former King Umberto II, the shroud’s owner, to ask permission for her to see the shroud. Umberto agreed, and Cheshire and Josie went on to Turin where the shroud was kept. Once there, the rolled up shroud was placed across the arms of her wheelchair. Josie gently and respectfully placed her hand onto the shroud – and she was healed!
In 1978 at a public exhibition of the shroud, Josie, now aged 35, visited the cathedral at Turin, once again accompanied by Cheshire – but with no wheelchair. Little Josie who in 1954 had been given last rites in preparation for death had been totally healed by simply touching the shroud. Whilst in Turin she told Father Peter Rinaldi that after her healing she had lived a normal working life, was married and had a daughter of her own.

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23 Responses to Healing Miracles of The Shroud of Turin

  1. Lloyd Chisese says:

    i love Jesus

  2. Chioma says:

    This story about Josie has made my eyes misty…. God’s mercy never fails. Simple and straightforward faith! Children have a lot to teach us about faith, they believe and make no space for doubt or fear.
    I pray in impossible situations and God always seems to make a way.

  3. daisy vale cortes says:

    what a very nice and true healing that josie experienced.I even felt that I am also being healed physically and emotionally just by reading seriously her story.I pray that my healing must continue while am still here on earth.

  4. Andrew Gordon says:

    What an incredible story! The faith of someone so young, I think that is what Jesus means when He says to be more like children. And how she was granted access to see the actual shroud, it was all in God’s hands really, and another testimony on how God is real and the shroud of Turin really is the shroud of Jesus Christ!

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Andrew, it is an incredible story and as you say shows it was all in God’s hands. Many people have had spiritual experiences of overwhelming love when contemplating the face of Jesus from the Shroud.

  5. AngelWynton says:

    2 days ago, we came downstairs, and we have a aquarium 250 liters
    But it has to be cleaned, it was as bad as a swamp believe me
    3 malawi’s I had left and I didn’t know how to start with this reumatic pain
    in my body. Guess what, we turn on the light of the aquarium and the
    whole tank was as clean as sparkling water, also the elements brand new!
    I bought a painting from Ray Downing and that whas on the chair to
    be hanged up on the wall near the aquarium. Believe me nobody touch
    the glas, or what ever, on the top of the water was drab like in a swamp.
    I never saw my aquarium so clean, then the first time years ago.
    I don;t doubt that Jesus did this for me, he gave me straight by this
    and more, that means that every painting heals, the shroud is still
    healing. Glory to the King of Israel our saviour Yehoshua Ha Mesiach.
    And the father in Heaven Adonai Elohim.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    What inspiring and wonderful stories of healing with regard to the Shroud. I didn’t know about the man possessed by an evil spirit in 944, nor the newer ones. This will be linked on our website, http://ShroudNM.com. The site is the internet face of the Shroud Exhibit and Museum in New Mexico. We are closing our doors (you can read about it on the page) until we can find a new location. Being a 501-c-3, we don’t have a budget. God bless you all.

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    The museum has found a new home through some very generous donors. We should have everything ready to open open regular hours sometime in January. Presently we only open upon request so if anyone is planning a trip to our area and would like to see it, call Pete at the number on our site (click my name or the link above).

  8. Ed says:

    If I could but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be healed. What then of His shroud?

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      The shroud cannot be touched by the public for reasons of preservation, you can imagine how it would deteriorate if millions of hands were allowed to handle it. However, I would imagine that if a person with faith touched the shroud who asked for healing could also receive a miracle. But we have something greater than the shroud in our world and available to all, we have the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and many have been healed during Mass or adoration, simply by being in His presence. There is one testimony on this site of such a miracle. We also know that many are not healed who receive Jesus and there can be a number of reasons for this. It is more than likely that some have been called to unite their sufferings with Jesus for the good of the Church.

  9. Aichah says:

    Waiting for science to prove that the shroud of Turin is truly the burial cloth of a man born in the 1st centuary is a waist of time. All Christians need as proof that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ are these testimonies of Healing just by faith of peering on to the image. What a mighty God we serve! I love Jesus Christ.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:


    • I would offer that in my opinion, science will never be able to ‘prove’ the Shroud authentic because there is nothing to compare it to. DNA is too degraded to test that, but if it could be tested, that is a comparison based test.

      The best evidence (I never speak of the Shroud in terms of proof) is everything taken together. For example, let’s make a case.

      1) All the blood on the Shroud is AB human exudate blood, meaning it exuded from a corpse, so the man on the Shroud was dead before being put into the cloth.
      2) There is dirt on the nose, knees and bottom of the feet areas on the image which is travertine argonite which is the dirt in Jerusalem, so this man was in Jerusalem.
      3) The image itself is 70 nanometers deep, the width of a human hair and the image is only on one-side of each cell of the fabric (cells are like straws).
      4) The image wasn’t added to the cloth, but is from some process that sped up the aging of the cloth where the image is compared to where the image is not.
      5) The look on the face of the man on the Shroud is not one of pain or anguish or peace.
      6) The whip wounds come from a Roman flagrum, proven when metal barbells at the ends were found in archaeological sites and matched the wounds precisely.
      7) The spear wound in the side comes from a Roman lance which can be proven because one can see the shape of the lance on the cloth.
      8) The image properties have what is like a spatial database in brightness that correlate directly to 3D when the image is processed with a VP-8 Image Analyzer. One of the functions of this analog computer is to make brightness maps (not 3D), but the brightness map of the image on the Shroud comes out in proportion 3D.
      9) The legend of King Agbar V tells us this king of Edessa (modern day Sanliurfa, Turkey) contracted leprosy (around 29AD) and believe Jesus could heal him so he sent an emissary to Jerusalem and he was already crucified. This is where the legend ends. St. Jude the apostle sends Addai (one of the 72/70 sent out depending on which Gospel you consult) with the cloth and when the king is in its presence 10 days he is healed, so he let’s Addai preach. The first thing he does is preach, gain adherents, found Churches and ordain Bishops, Priests & Deacons. It is historic fact that Edessa was the first Christian city.

      If you want more, please visit http://ShroudNM.com and view our slideshow and other papers and videos to learn more.

  10. Scott says:

    Somebody gave me the shroud of Turin picture. I had a severe porn addiction/masturbation addiction that I never thought I could overcome. I didn’t know anything about the shroud of Turin. So, after I received this picture I went and google and watched some documentary about the shroud. I was so moved about the documentary. I had a mighty believe that this truly our lord Jesus Christ. I started praying to this image while crying my heart out and confessing my sin. Behold dear reader the HOLYSPIRIT HAS COME ALIVE TO MY ROOM.PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. On Sunday morning when I got home from work, I went and used the bathroom all of a sudden I heart voices struggling in the bathtub. I mentioned Jesus what is this. Then a man’s voice started a tongue babababababababa for 2 sec then a female voice took over babababababsba continuously. All of a sudden I could hear the female voice from miles away, then all of a sudden I could hear it like it is coming to my room, then it s like it is in my downstairs neighbors room. I was so confused and afraid of what was going on. The spirit that was speaking the tongues suddenly was in front of me. PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. The spirit started calling me. It called my name three times and then he said the God Almighty has saved you. Immediately I heard the message I grabbed the holy shroud picture and started praying and praising God. The spirit knew I got the message and I could hear from the voice she was excited I’m free from the bondage of pornograph/masturbation. Ever since that encounter with the Holy Spirit, the desire to watch porn has disappear totally. I’m now a committed Christian fasting and praying and reading the scriptures. Never and ever in my life will I ever watch porn. Since then, something mysterious has happened twice. I was giving a hair cut to this guy while praying in my heard . This guy started sweating and shaking like current was running through him. I opened my mouth and said you won’t die suddenly he stopped shaking. Is this anointing from the Holy Spirit?

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Scott, thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony, you have truly been touched by the Holy Spirit and been freed to love God in a deeper way. I am so pleased for you, I am sure you will be a powerful witness to the Lord in all you do. God bless Geoff

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