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8 Responses to Miracles

  1. Justin says:

    Each day i said this pray,my father in heaven hallowed be thy name……….gve us this day our daily bread,i wil never lack food that day me nd my family,praise the lord of lords alleluya.

  2. I found your website through Pinterest. It’s very informative and inspirational.

  3. Maria Callahan says:

    I have experienced an unusual & rare healing of stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1990 & had a second class relic of Sister Miriam Theresa (now beatified in 2014). The relic strangely disappeared prior to my healing & I was heartbroken that I lost something so holy & precious.

    However, I couldn’t understand how it got lost as I would securely pin it underneath my sweater & my sweaters were always hand washed. I always thought it could be a Heavenly sign & now after reading the story on your website, I am convinced it was a miraculous healing!

    Thank you for posting the story!

    Warm regards

    Maria Callahan

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Maria, thank you for sharing that and wow! How amazing our God is. I expect someone else was in need of that relic and an Angel came and took it to them. So glad you experienced healing.

      God bless

  4. Vincent Peter says:

    Praise The Lord

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