An Evening Prayer

Dear Lord and Father, bless I pray,
Your servant here, at the end of day.
I thank You, Lord, for all Your love,
And every blessing from above.
Forgive me, Lord, for Your dear Son,
The wrongs this day I may have done.
I forgive my foes that have been unjust,
May my heart beat, with compassion and trust.
Please bless this world and all therein,
Teach us, guide us, and keep us from sin.
Strengthen Your family in the church,
Bring light to those who continue to search.
Please open all people’s hearts to see,
How Your salvation can set them free.
Watch over the sick, and enrich the poor,
With blessings from Your bountiful store.
Keep me this night within Your arms,
Protect me, Lord, from all that harms.
To the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
The God whom I adore,
Be the kingdom, the power and the glory,
Now and evermore.

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