The Message of God the Father

On this page we have the message of God the Father (Abridged)as given to Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio (1907-1990) Dictated by the Father, in Latin, a language unknown by Mother Eugenia. The core of this message is the Father’s request to have a Feast Day in honour of God The Father. There are many Feast Days in our Church for Jesus and Mary; there is a Feast Day for the Holy Spirit and the Trinity, but there is no specific Feast Day to honour our Father. We wish to change this, by petitioning the Vatican to introduce a Feast Day in August as the Father has requested. The message has been given an Imprimatur Petrus Canisius Van Lierde, Vic. Generalis e Vic. Civitatis Vaticanae, Roma Die 13 Martii 1989.

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The Message of God the Father (Abridged)

JULY 1, 1932
Feast of the precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Mother Eugenia: Here, finally, is the day, blessed forever, the day the celestial Father promised! Today the long days of preparation are over, and I feel close, so close to the coming of my Father and the Father of all men. A few minutes of prayer, and then what spiritual joys! I was overwhelmed by the desire to see Him and hear Him! My heart, burning with love, opened up with such great confidence that I realized that, until then, I had never been so trusting with anyone. The thought of my Father made me, as it were, madly happy. Finally I began to hear singing. Angels came to announce this glad arrival!! Their songs were so beautiful that I decided to note them down as soon as possible. This harmony ceased and then came a procession of the elect, the cherubim and seraphim, with God, our Creator and our Father. Prostrate, with my face to the ground, sunk in my own nothingness, I said the magnificat. Immediately afterwards, the Father told me to sit close to Him and write what He had decided to say to men. The entire, heavenly court who had accompanied Him vanished. Only the Father remained with me and, before sitting, He said:

Picture of God the Father
God the Father: “I have already told you and now I say it again: I cannot give my beloved Son another time to prove My love for men! I am now coming among them in order to love them and to make them know this love, assuming their image, their poverty. Look, now I am putting aside My crown and all my Glory to take on the appearance of an ordinary man!”.
Mother Eugenia: Having assumed the appearance of an ordinary man by placing his crown and His glory at His Feet, He took the globe of the world and held it to His Heart, supporting it with His left Hand. He then sat next to me. I can say but a few words about His arrival and about the appearance he deigned to assume, and about His love! In my ignorance I do not have words to express what He revealed to me.
God the Father: “Peace and salvation,” He said, “to this house and to the whole world! May My power, My love and My Holy Spirit touch men’s hearts, so that all mankind may turn to salvation and come to its Father, Who seeks it, to love and to save it!
I have chosen this day to begin My work among men because today is the feast of the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus. I intend to bathe in this Blood the work I am beginning, so that it may bear great fruit among all mankind.
This is the real purpose of My coming: I am coming to banish the excessive fear that My creatures have of Me, and to show them, that My joy lies in being known and loved by My children, that is, by all mankind present and future. I am coming to bring hope to men and nations. How many have long since lost it! This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation. I am coming to make Myself known just as I am, so that men’s trust may increase together with their love for Me, their Father. I have but one concern: to watch over all men and love them as My children.
The painter delights in contemplating the picture he has painted. In the same way, it is My pleasure and delight to come among men, the masterpiece of my creation! Time presses. I wish men to know as soon as possible that I love them and that I feel the greatest happiness in being with them and talking with them, like a father with his children.I promised the world a Messiah. I did all I could to prepare His coming, showing Myself in the figures that represented Him, even thousands of years before His coming! For who is this Messiah? Whence does He come? What will He do on earth? Whom does he represent? The Messiah is God. Who is God? God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Whence does He come? Or rather, who ordered Him to come among men? It was I, His Father, God. Whom is He to represent on earth? His Father, God. What is He to do on the earth? He will make the Father, God, known and loved. Did He not say:
“Do you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”
“I have come only to do the will of My Father”.
“Whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you”.
“You will pray to Him like this: ‘Our Father, Who art in heaven….’, and elsewhere, since He came to glorify The Father and to make Him known to men, He says:
“Whoever sees Me, sees the Father”.
“I am in the Father and the Father is in Me”.
Realise then, o men, that for all eternity I have had but one desire, to make Myself known to men and be loved by them. I wish to stay forever with them. In My Son, that is to say, in the Person of My Son made man, what have I not done!
Is it possible that, having called Me your Father and having shown your love for Me, you could find in Me such a hard and insensitive heart as to let you perish? No, no do not believe it! I am the best of Fathers! I know My creatures’ weaknesses! Come to Me, come with confidence and love! I will forgive you after you have repented. Even if your sins were as repulsive as mud, your confidence and your love will make Me forget them, so you will not be judged! I am just, it is true, but love pays for everything!
Listen, My children, let us make a comparison, and you will be assured of My love. For Me, your sins are like iron, and your acts of love like gold. If you gave Me a thousand pounds of iron, it would not be like giving Me just ten pounds of god! In other words, with just a little love, great iniquities can be expiated. In the Eucharist I live among you as a Father with His family. I wished my Son to institute the Eucharist so as to make every tabernacle the vessel of My favours, My riches and My Love, to give them to men, my children.
I recognize that you honour Me in My Son and that there are those who are able to offer everything to Me through My Son, but they are few indeed! Do not believe, though, that in honouring My Son you are not honouring Me! You do, certainly, honour Me, as I live in My Son! Thus, everything that is to His glory is also to my glory! But I would like to see man honouring his Father and Creator with a special devotion.
Know, also, that I wish to be known, loved and above all, honoured. May everyone recognize My infinite goodness towards all men, and especially towards sinners, the sick, the dying, and all those who suffer. Let them know that I want only one thing; to love them all, to give them My grace, to forgive them when they repent and, most of all, to judge them not with My justice but with My mercy, so that all may be saved and numbered among my elect.
To conclude this brief account, I make you a promise which will have an eternal effect. It is this: call Me by the name of Father, with confidence and love, and you will receive everything from this Father, with love and mercy.

Day by day I will talk to you about My wishes for men, about My joys, My sorrows, and most of all, I will show men My infinite goodness and My tender and compassionate love. Since man’s creation, I have never for one moment stopped living besides him. As his Creator and Father, I feel the need to love him. It is not that I need him, but My love, as Father and Creator, makes Me feel this need to love man. Thus I live close to man, I follow him everywhere, I help him in all things, I supply everything. I can see his needs, his toils, all his desires, and My greatest happiness lies in helping him and saving him.
Men believe Me to be a terrifying God Who is going to cast all mankind into hell. What a great surprise it will be when, at the end of time, they see so many souls they believed lost, enjoying eternal bliss among the elect! I wish all My creatures to be convinced that there is a Father Who watches over them and Who would like them to enjoy, on earth, a foretaste of eternal happiness. If you love Me and call Me by the sweet name of Father, You will begin to live, here and now, in the love and the trust which will make you happy in eternity and which you will sing in heaven in the company of the elect. Is this not a foretaste of the happiness of heaven, which will last forever?
I therefore desire man to remember often that I am right there, where he is, that he could not live if I were not with him, living just as he is. In spite of his unbelief, I always remain close to him. Even if you do not see Me, do you not feel Me very close to you in the things that happen to you and around you? How you will be rewarded, one day, for having believed in Me, even without having seen Me! I want men to be able to know Me and to feel that I am close to each one of them. Remember, o men, that I wish to be the hope of humanity. Am I not already? Man would be lost if I were not his hope. But it is necessary for Me to be recognized as such, so that peace, confidence and love may enter men’s hearts and put them in contact with their Father in heaven and on earth!
Do not think of Me as frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books! No, no I am neither younger nor older than my Son and My Holy Spirit. Because of this I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, to call Me by the familiar name of Father and Friend. For I am always with you, I am making Myself similar to you so as to make you similar to Me. How great would be My joy to see parents teaching their children to address Me often by the name of Father, as indeed I am! How I would like to see infused into these young souls a trust and a filial love for Me! I have done everything for you; will you not do this for Me?
I would like to make My home in every family, as in My domain, so that all can say with absolute assurance: “We have a Father who is infinitely good, infinitely rich and greatly merciful. He thinks about us and is close to us. He looks after us, supports us, He will give us everything we need if we ask Him. All his riches are ours, we will have everything we need. “I am there precisely in order that you should ask Me for what you need. “Ask and you will receive.” In my fatherly goodness I will give you everything, provided that all regard Me as a true Father, living among His Family, as I indeed do.
I also desire that every family prominently display the picture I will later show to My “little daughter”. I wish every family to be able to place itself under My special protection in this way, so that they can honour Me more easily. There, everyday, the family will share with Me its needs, its work, its sorrows, its sufferings, its desires, and also its joys, because a Father must know everything that concerns His children. I do know it, of course, because I am there, but I love simplicity. I know how to adapt Myself to your condition. I make Myself little with the little ones, I make Myself an adult with adults, and the same with the elderly, so that all may comprehend what I wish to tell them for their sanctification and My glory. Do you not have the proof of what I am saying in My Son, Who made Himself small and weak like you?
And now am I not making Myself like you. See, I have laid My crown .at my Feet and held the world to My Heart. I have left My glory in heaven and come here, becoming all things to all men, becoming poor with the poor and rich with the rich.
I am the Father who loves you more than any other creature will ever be able to do! Take refuge close, very close to Me, confide in Me your thoughts and your desires. I will love you tenderly.

I turn to you, My beloved son, My vicar, before all others, to place this work in your hands. It should rank first among all your tasks and, because of the fear inspired in men by the devil, it will be accomplished only at this time.
The Father’s wishes
To be known, loved and honoured with a special devotion, I do not ask for anything extraordinary. I desire only this:
1. I desire that one-day, or, at least a Sunday, be dedicated to honouring Me in a special way under the title of Father of all Mankind. For this feast, I would like a special Mass and Office. It is not difficult to find the texts in the Holy Scriptures. If you prefer to offer Me this special devotion on a Sunday, I choose the first Sunday of August. If you prefer a weekday, I would like it to be always the seventh day of the same month.
2. I desire that all the clergy should undertake to promote this devotion and, most of all, to make Me known to men as I am and as I will always be for them, that is to say, the most tender and the most lovable of all fathers.
3. I desire them to bring Me into all families, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, barracks, conference halls, of the ministers of nations-in short, wherever My creatures are, even if there were only one of them! I desire that the tangible sign of My invisible presence be a picture to show that I am really present. Thus, all men will carry out all their actions under their Father’s gaze and I Myself will have before Me the creature that I have not only created but adopted. In this way, My children will be as it were, under their tender Father’s gaze. Even now I am everywhere, certainly, but I would like to be represented in a tangible way!
4 . I desire that during the year the clergy and the faithful should perform some acts of piety in My honour, without detriment to their usual occupations. Let my priests go fearlessly everywhere, among all nations, to bring the flame of My fatherly love to men. Then souls will be enlightened and conquered, not only among unbelievers, but in all those sects which are not of the true Church.
Yes, I want these men also, who are My children, to see this flame shining before them, to know the truth, to embrace it and to put all the Christian virtues into practice.
5. I would like to be honoured in a very special way in seminaries, in novitiates, in schools and homes for the elderly. May everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, be able to know and love Me as their Father, Creator and Saviour.
6. Let priests set about seeking in the Holy Scriptures what I said in former times and what has remained unknown up to now concerning the worship I wish to receive from men. May they work to make My desires and My will known to all men, specifying what I wish to say to people in general and to priests, monks and nuns in particular. Those souls are the ones I choose, more than others in the world, to pay Me great homage.
Of course, it will take time to realize completely these desires that I have for mankind and which I have revealed to you! But one day, through the prayers and sacrifices of generous souls who will give themselves for this work of My love, yes, one day I will be satisfied. I wish to bless you, My beloved son, and I will reward you a hundred folds for all that you will do for My glory.

“I have just opened up a fountain of living water which will never dry up from now until the end of time. I am coming to you, My creatures, to open My paternal Breast, filled with love for you, My children. I want you to be witnesses of My infinite and merciful love. It is not enough for Me to have shown you My love; I also want to open up My Heart to you, whence a refreshing spring will issue and where all men will quench their thirst. They will then experience joys they have never known until now through being so weighed down by the exaggerated fear they had of Me, their tender Father.
Why are you so surprised by what I am saying? Did I not create you in My image? I did this so that you should find nothing strange when You talk on familiar terms with your Father, Your Creator and your God. For you have become the children of My fatherly and divine love through My merciful goodness. My Son Jesus is in Me and I am in Him, in our interchanging love which is the Holy Spirit, Who keeps us united in this bond of love so as to make us ONE.
So come to Me through My Son and, once you are close to Me, confide your desires to Me. I will show you this fountain, making Myself known to you as I really am. When you know Me, your thirst will be quenched, you will be revived, your ills will be cured, your fears will vanish. Your joy will be great and your love will feel securer than it has ever been before. But, you will say to Me, how can we come to You? Oh, come by the path of confidence, call Me your Father, love Me in spirit and truth, and this will be enough to make this refreshing and powerful water quench your thirst. But if you really want this water to give you all you need to know and love Me, and if you feel cold and indifferent, call Me by the sweet name of Father and I will come to you. My spring will give you love, confidence and everything you need to be loved forever by your Father and Creator.
But now I am giving you this light. Remain in the light and bring it to everybody, and it will be a powerful means both to obtain conversions and to shut, if possible, the gates of hell, for I now repeat My promise, which will last forever:

Oh beloved humanity, oh, men who are My children, set yourselves free from the bonds in which the devil has chained you until now, inspiring in you fear of a Father Who is pure love! Come, come closer to Me, you have every right to approach your Father; open up your hearts, pray to My Son that He may help you to know even better My goodness towards you. My children, how sweet it is to think that there is a Father. Who sees everything, knows everything, provides for everything, Who is infinitely good, Who forgives easily and Who punishes only reluctantly and slowly.
Tell them to come to Me: I will help them, I will lighten their burden and sweeten their hard life. I will inebriate them with My fatherly love, to make them happy in time and eternity. It is not because I need My creature and his adoration that I desire to be known, honoured and loved; the only reason why I am stooping down to him is to save him and give him a share in My glory. With regard to the means of honouring Me as I desire, all I ask of you is great confidence. Do not think I want austerities or mortification; I do not want you to walk barefoot or to lay your faces in the dust, or to cover yourselves with ashes. No, no! My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me! With you I will become everything for everyone, the most tender and loving Father. I will be on intimate terms with you, giving Myself to you all, making Myself small so as to make you great for eternity.
Most of the unbelievers, the impious and various communities remain in their iniquity and unbelief because they think that I am asking the impossible of them, that they have to submit to My commands like slaves of a tyrannical lord, whose power and pride keep him distant from his subjects, to oblige them to show Him respect and devotion. No, no, My children! I know how to make Myself small, far smaller than you can imagine. However, what I do require is the faithful observance of the commandments I gave the Church, so that you will be rational creatures and will not be like animals because of your lack of discipline and your evil inclinations, so that you will preserve the treasure which is the soul I gave you, clothed in the fullness of its divine beauty!
Then, according to My desire, do what I have already instructed you to do: honour Me with a special devotion. May this make you know My will to give you many benefits and to let you share in large measure in My power and My glory, simply in order to make you happy and save you, and to show My sole desire: to love you and be loved in return by you. If you love Me as faithful children, you will also have loving and obedient respect for My Church and My representatives. Not a respect such as you show now, which keeps you distant from Me because you are afraid of Me. This false respect that you have now is an injustice to justice, it is a wound you cause to the most sensitive part of My heart; you are forgetting, scorning, My fatherly love for you.
You, My children, who are outside the Catholic Church, should realize that you are not excluded from My fatherly love. I am making this tender appeal to you because you too are My children. If you have lived up to now in the devil’s snares, acknowledge that he has cheated you. Come to Me, your Father, and I will receive you with joy and love! And you, who only know the religion in which you have grown up, and that religion is not the true one, open your eyes. Here is your Father, He Who created you and Who wants to save you. I come to you to bring you the truth and salvation. I can see that you do not know Me and do not realize that all I want is for you to know Me as your Father, Creator and Saviour. It is because of this ignorance that you cannot love Me. Understand, therefore, that I am not as far from you as you think.
Everything I am saying to you is intended to make you realize that I come to carry out this work of love, to give you powerful help to cast off the tyrannical slavery which imprisons your souls, and to let you enjoy real freedom, whence real happiness comes. Compared with this freedom, all earthly joys are as nothing. Raise yourselves to the dignity of the children of God and learn how to respect your own greatness. I will then be your Father more than ever, the most lovable and merciful of fathers.
I have come to bring peace with this work of love. I will let a ray of peace fall upon anyone who honours Me and trusts in Me, so that he will be relieved in all his troubles, all his worries, sufferings and afflictions, especially if he calls Me and loves Me as his Father. If families honour Me and love Me as their Father, I will give them My peace together with My providence. If workers, businessmen and artisans invoke and honour Me, I will give them My peace and My strength, I will show Myself to be the good and merciful Father. If each Christian community invokes and honours Me, I will give it My-peace, I will show Myself to be a most loving Father, and through My power I will ensure the eternal salvation of souls.
If all mankind invokes and honours Me, I will bring down upon it the spirit of peace like a benevolent dew. If all nations, as such, invoke and honour Me, there will be no more discord, nor wars, because I am the God of peace and where I am, there no war can be. Do you wish to gain victory over your enemy? Call upon Me and you will triumph over him.
Finally, you know that I can do everything because of My power. Well, I am offering this power to all of you , to use now and for eternity. I will always show Myself to be your Father, provided that you show yourselves to be My children. What do I desire to achieve with this work of love, if not to find hearts able to understand Me? I am the holiness of which I possess the perfect and full expression; I offer you this holiness, of which I am the Author, through My Holy Spirit, and I instill it in your souls through My Son’s merits. It is through My Son and the Holy Spirit that I am coming to you and into you, and it is in you that I seek My repose.
To some souls, the words “I am coming into you” will seem a mystery, but it is not a mystery! Because, having instructed My Son to institute the Holy Eucharist, I intended to come to you every time you receive the Sacred Host! Of course, nothing prevented Me from coming to you even before the Eucharist, as nothing is impossible to Me! But receiving this Sacrament is an action that is easy to understand and it shows how I come to you! When I am in you, I can more easily give you what I possess, provided that you ask Me for it. Through this Sacrament you are intimately united with Me. It is in this intimacy that the outpouring of My love makes My holiness spread into your souls. I fill you with My love, then you have only to ask Me for the virtues and perfection you need and you can be sure that in those moments when God is reposing in His creatures, nothing will be refused you.
Since you know My favourite place of rest, are you not going to offer Me it? I am your Father and your God; will you dare refuse Me this? Oh, do not let Me suffer because of your cruelty towards a Father Who is asking you for this one favour for Himself. Do not refuse Me this joy which I desire to enjoy with you! I will give it back to you a hundredfold and, since you will honour Me, I will honour you too, by preparing great glory for you in My kingdom! I am the light of lights: where it penetrates there will be life, bread and happiness. This light will illumine the pilgrim, the sceptic, the ignorant. It will illumine you all, o men who live-in this world of darkness and vice. If you did not have My light, you would fall into the abyss of eternal death!
Finally, this light will lighten the ways, which lead, to the true Catholic Church for its poor children who are still victims of superstition. I will show Myself as a Father to those who suffer most on earth, the poor lepers. I will show Myself to be the Father of all those who are abandoned, the outcasts of every human society. I will show Myself as a Father to the afflicted, the sick, and above all, to those who are in agony. I will show Myself as a Father to all families, to orphans, widows, prisoners, workers and the young. I will show Myself as the Father of kings, the Father of their nations. You will all feel My goodness and My protection, you will all see My power!
My fatherly and divine blessing on everyone. Amen!
Especially to My Son and Representative. Amen!
Especially to my Son, the bishop. Amen!
Especially to my Son, your spiritual father. Amen!
Especially to my daughters, your mothers.Amen!
To all the congregation of My love. Amen!
To all the Church and to all the clergy. Amen!
A very special blessing to the Church in purgatory. Amen! Amen!

First edition in English, 13 May 1994
Imprimatur: +Petrus Canisius van Lierde, Vic.Generalis e. Vic Civitatis Vaticanae, Roma, die 13Martii 1989

“Through Him, with Him and in Him”
God is my Father

My Father in Heaven, how sweet it is to know that You are my Father and that I am your Child! Especially when the skies of my soul are cloudy and my cross weighs more heavily, I feel the need to repeat to You: Father, I believe in Your love for me! Yes, I believe that You are a Father to me at every moment of my life, and that I am Your child! I believe that You love me with an infinite love! I believe that You are watching over me night and day and that not a hair falls from my head without your permission! I believe that, in Your infinite Wisdom, You know better than I what is good for me. I believe that, in Your infinite power, You can bring good even out of evil. I believe that, in Your infinite goodness, You make everything to the advantage of those who love You; even under the hands of those who strike me I kiss Your hand which heals! I believe, but increase in me faith, hope and love! Teach me always to see Your love as my guide in every event of my life. Teach me to surrender myself to You like a baby in its mother’s arms. Father, You know everything. You see everything, you know me better than I know myself; You can do everything, and You love me! My Father, since it is Your wish that we should always turn to You, I come with confidence to ask You, together with Jesus and Mary….(here request the favor that you desire). For this intention, and uniting myself to their Most Sacred Hearts, I offer You all my prayers, my sacrifices and mortification’s, all my actions, and greater faithfulness to my duties (*). Give me the light, the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit! Strengthen me in this Spirit, that I may never lose Him, never sadden Him and never allow Him to become weaker in me. My Father, I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son! And You, Jesus, open Your Heart and place in it my own, and, together with Mary’s, offer it to our divine Father! Obtain for me the grace that I need! Divine Father, call all men to Yourself. Let all the world proclaim Your fatherly goodness and Your divine mercy! Be a tender Father to me and protect me wherever I am, like the apple of Your eye. Make me always a worthy son/daughter; have mercy on me! Divine Father, sweet hope of our souls, may You be known, honored and loved by all men! Divine Father, infinite goodness poured out on all peoples, may You be known, honored and loved by all men! Divine Father, beneficent dew of humanity, may You be known, honored and loved by all men!
Partial Indulgence
+ GIRARD, Vicar Apostolic of Cairo, October 9th, 1935
+JEAN, Cardinal VERDIER, Archbishop of Paris, May 8th, 1936
Mother Eugenia
(*) If this prayer is to be recited as a novena, add “I promise to be more generous, especially during these nine days, in a given circumstance, to such and such a person …”

60 Responses to The Message of God the Father


    I have already read this. I am praying the Holy Octave and I do make the Holy Octave rosaries and give it to my friends and relatives. I also finished my 8 days novena in honor of God the Father.

    This is really true and I do pray for God the Father everyday. Thank you so much for your site. God Bless.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Virginia. Our world so needs those, who like yourself, enter into the battle to win souls for Jesus. Keep up the good work and may God reward you with His blessings. Geoff

  2. Theresa Brennan says:

    Geoff and Mandy – I am so thrilled that you are publishing this beautiful message from God the Father.

    It seems so absolutely right that the Father should have a special Feast Day and
    an omission within the liturgical year that we hope and pray and believe and trust can be put right.

    When God the Father in the message says “…I assure you, you do not know Me as I am, because I am coming to proclaim Myself the Father of all and the most tender of fathers, in order to transform your love, which has become distorted by fear” it really spoke to me and I recognised myself.

    God bless and I’ll get the word out.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Theresa, I hope this message will bless others as it has blessed you and I. We shall never fully comprehend the Father’s great love for His children whilst we live on earth, only in heaven shall we fully understand this. However, it is our duty as Catholics to do all we can within our power, to help souls understand, as much as is possible, the great love God has for humanity.

  3. Ada Gamarra Rebaza says:

    I am really very impressed because gold daily and pray to God the Father with various synonyms: Heavenly Father, Eternal Father, Lord, and I know Father is most gracious, merciful, I am glad that concrete Day which celebrates and engages in praise to our Father Creator of the universe and the world. Infinite thanks Heavenly Father for hearing my prayers and I pray you grant me soon. My Lord and my God!

    Estoy realmente gratamente impresionada porque a diario oro y rezo a Dios Padre con distintos sinónimos: Padre Celestial, Padre Eterno, Señor, Padre y sé que es infinitamente bondadoso, misericordioso me alegro mucho que se concrete un Día en el que se celebre y dedique en alabanza a nuestro Padre creador de todo el universo y el mundo. Gracias infinitas Padre Celestial por escuchar mis plegarias y te ruego me concedas a la brevedad. Señor mío y Dios mío!

  4. Teresita Abing says:

    I am happy to have read this. Thank you for posting. It’s been a long time that I have this prayer booklet with me entitled ‘HOLY OCTAVE OF CONSECRATION TO GOD OUR FATHER , FATHER OF ALL MANKIND’ with a photo similar to what you posted here. It says in this booklet that the Solemn Feast Day of God the Father of All Mankind is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Since my birthday falls in the month of August, I pray the Novena starting on the last Sunday of July and on the 8th day, the first Sunday of August, is the Solemn Feast Day of the ‘Father of All Mankind.’ God bless you/us.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      God bless you Teresita. Yes, this is when the Father wants the Feast Day, some Churches are already celebrating the day, but most are not, and this is the reason for our petition. I think the Father will say to you: “well done My good and faithful servant…” God bless. Geoff

  5. Ray Gimenez says:

    Where do I sign the petition! Thank you, Father! And, thanks to those behind this website! God bless us all, always!

  6. Noralyn Reynancia says:

    I have a booklet of this and a new icon of the father was given to me by a carmelite nun, a friend of her also gave her. The new icon of the Father has no beard, this was painted by Lia Galdiolo, an italian iconographer. I’m also p r aying the chaplet of the father.Thanks for posting.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you! Yes, I believe the original painted image had no beard also, it was later added to help people identify it with the Father so I believe. God bless. Geoff

  7. carmen uy says:

    Father, who are we to ignore your offer of the salvation for our world…a world divided by differences in beliefs and religions since the olden times as recorded in the bible… electing a day to honor and glorify you through all nations will address the problem caused by chaos around the world…i still lack the warmth of opening up myself to your message…please give me the necessary faith and courage, that i may become a vessel of peace for you to all nations…that i may spread your message of mercy and forgiveness so that we may learn to forgive each other, that will start within our family that our children and their children will be clothed with your mercy, that they may have the desire themselves to serve you, through Jesus Christ, by the workings of the Holy Spirit, Amen…

  8. Gina says:

    I love this – is the picture included the one that the Father wished to have displayed?

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello, yes there are a few versions of the picture, one is in icon form. The importance of the image is the Father’s message: that He is placing His crown, His glory, at His feet and embracing the word to His heart. God bless. Geoff

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Gina, this is one of the images there are a few different versions, but they are all very similar. God bless Geoff

  9. Teresita Abing says:

    Thank you Geoff. Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month and I was reminded to pray the Novena. It’s my 2nd day today and I am offering this to His Cause. Thank you God the Father for Your great love for all of us.

  10. daisy says:

    i am a devotee to GOD THE FATHER…i consecrated my life to HIM and my family..i say the holy octave everyday,,i am happy that you published it…………………………keep it up…GOD Bless

  11. James Miko says:

    I hope that the Vatican would grant our petition to have a feast day dedicated to our Almighty and Loving God the Father!! If not, just continue to do what is right and as God said : Love God above all else; love thy neighbor as your self… God bless us all!!

  12. Ellen says:

    How wonderful to have seen this site! Stumbled upon this through fb. What a lovely blessing! Thank you for posting this revelation. His words make me want to cry. God is indeed our FATHER so loving to all his children. Indeed he keeps his promise to take care of widows and orphans. I would not be here at all or reach this point in my life if he didn’t! Praise and glory be to God, Father of all mankind.

  13. Lorraine Montoya says:

    Thank you my glorious Father for leading me to your most holy message, my arms are open to receive the grace needed to spread your most loving devotion under the guidance of your Holy Spirit, please help me Father.

  14. James Oco says:

    Thank you for posting this, while im reading this i felt something, Im so happy. God Father thank you for everything and thank you for hearing my prayers..God Father Please give peace to all mankind Amen..God bless us all.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you James, that would be the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. I felt the same way when I read this message and that is why I decided to promote it. Our Father always leads us by ways of peace. God bless Geoff

  15. Thank you James, next I’m thankful to God the Father, who made my heart full of his love, we all know the right way and I know that God will lead us heaven.

  16. Thank you all,
    holly Marry, you always help those in need, you cheer those who weep, you encourage those who have lost hope and help them lead good Christian lives.

  17. guyl val says:

    Hi, I am new to this site. Can you please enlightened me. I know there is already a day feast for God the Father. It is celebrated every year in june. Am I wrong.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Guyl, some churches have taken up the Father’s call and celebrate His Feast at the beginning of August, but the Church has not made the Feast Day official in the calendar as our Father wishes. God bless Geoff

  18. merlene says:

    So much joy has filled my heart upon reading, thank you Father God for the chance of knowing the desires of Your heart. I will defintely spread Your Word. May every man make a time to read this. Thank you for all the blessings .

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Merlene, it is wonderful how many people say they get a great peace from this message. Thank you for entering into the work of the Father. God bless Geoff

  19. I am new in this site and its good that theres a site regarding God the Father. I’ve been praying the Holy Octaves and great to know about this. Hope everyone will read this , Praising God the Father..more power!God Bless us all!!!


    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      That is great Lourdes that you are entering into the work of the Father, thank you for your message. God bless Geoff

  20. Maria Celina Villanueva says:

    Amen! Thank you very much for the message! God bless!

  21. Brenda says:

    Lets all pray and thank GOD

  22. Raquel says:

    I am so touched with the message. Thank you for sharing. Thank you God the Father for everything. We praise and love you!

  23. Teresita says:

    On this special day celebration, the Feast of St. Valentines, I want to thank You Loving Father of All Mankind for Your Great Love for all of us. I believe that You are in complete control of everything. If it is Your Will, this Petition will be approved. We pray for guidance and protection. Thank You Loving Father. We love You.

  24. Julie Martinez says:

    I happen to know about this Holy Octave through a lady inside a public vehicle. While I was praying the rosary, she commented on how beautiful my pamphlet. She gave me the booklet for the Holy Octave and ever since I have read it, it has indeed brought me miracles each day… THANK YOU Father of All Mankind. I love you. I praise you.

  25. ze says:

    This is heresy. You are not saved by merely calling God “father” once in your life. This is an instrument of evil and universal salvation. You would do well to take this Web article down. Christ stated, “The path is long and the gate is narrow” that leads to eternal life.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Ze, you are thinking about salvation in the wrong way. Does the Bible not say, “all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13) This is the Bible saying just the same as this message from God. Yes there is more to being saved than just calling on God, but this is where Salvation begins… and where God’s work begins, He will finish it. God bless you

  26. Gorrette says:

    My father how sweet it is to know that you are my father. I love this with all my heart

  27. Jean says:

    Last year I attended a Consecration to God the Father of All Mankind mass in Detroit at the end of the octave on the 1st Sunday in August, but I cannot find one in the area for this year. Does anyone know if one is taking place?

  28. Ruben says:

    And still, this message is tucked away, unknown to the great majority of Catholics and Christians alike.

    This message should resound and fit all those who, either didn’t have a father or had an absent or negative father in their lives. Mary, our Mother heals the need for us to have a perfect mother, but, where is the devotion to God the Father as our own, as it is presented so lovingly in this message?

    For a person like me, who was heading straight down the path of Hell (and I don’t say this lightly), the reason I hated God was precisely because I imagined Him, thought of Him as a father who created me out of His own whim, as an experiment, like a bored and rich man with nothing else to do for all eternity, to create me as part of His “pastime”, seeing me submerged in the excrement of sin.

    I still struggle to accept Him as my father, I am slowly getting to where He wishes me to be, although it is hard. But this message facilitates the healing and proper conversion of my soul, since I cannot wish to go to Heaven if God the Father is there, a Person a despised and rejected.

    See, this is the question: why would someone who hates God, want to go to Heaven? Why would you love a God who let you be born into this world, branded by the original sin at birth, raised by a cruel and hopeless mother and an absent father? Why would you love God, if He is your Father, if He permitted you to be soiled by sin during your childhood, your youth and feel the despair that comes with feeling useless, a mistake?

    But this is sin clouding one’s eyes, mind, heart and spirit. Sin impeeds us from seeing the Face of the Father. Sin placed a huge, thick, heavy veil between man and God. Pain and Sin then set the stage for man to hate God, as a Father and Creator.

    Lack of knowledge of God and sin makes a man despair.

    Why don’t churches preach such a message? Because they do not believe it themselves, thus, this, as most works of God will fall short, under the apathy and disbelief of those who are supposed to help us but don’t, that is, the bishops and priests of our time.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Ruben, I am pleased that you are coming to know and love your heavenly Father. None of us can fully understand the great love that God has for His children, it is beyond our comprehension. In the sacrifice God made in sending Jesus down we see the great depth of His love, but even this we do not fully grasp. His ways are higher than our ways. It was only when I became a Father myself – and felt such a great love for my children and a desire to protect them from all harm, that I caught a glimpse of that love. But I know that if I who am a sinner can love my children in such a way, how much more does our Father in heaven, who is free from sin, love His children? And yes, we are all God’s children and loved equally by him. We are all sinners yes, but all worthy of His love – not by our merits or position but by His. You ask why God allowed us to be born in sin. Well, he gave us all free will. We sin, our parents sin, and our first parents, Adam and Eve, sinned. We are all given free will, the choice of choosing good or evil. God wants us to love Him through our own will, our own desire. Everything which God allows has purpose – even the fall. God bless you brother. Geoff

  29. I am Biagio Paglialunga (Italy). Can you tell me Where I can find the Rosary of Holy Octave of God the Father? I pay in internet also. Email:
    God bless you alla. Thanks. I wait.

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