Happy Feast Day of St Peter’s Chair

A true Catholic now, but I was raised a Protestant, I belonged to the Church of England, was married in the Baptist Church and visited both Evangelical and Pentecostal churches over the years. I always believed in Jesus, but never truly knew Jesus, not until I became a Catholic. One of the problems I had as a Protestant was that I could never find an absolute fullness of truth. As I went from church to church talking to believers and Ministers I found that they all agreed on some issues but not on others.

Holy Communion was very reverential in the High Church in which I was raised; the Host was received on our tongue’s, on our knees, at the altar rail, however, when I asked my Vicar if, as Anglican’s, we believed in the true presence, he was very vague. He told me that we believed the Holy Spirit comes down into the host, but we don’t go as far as Transubstantiation. In other words, the Host does not become the Body of Jesus. I was disappointed!

When I finally studied the Catholic faith I was so pleased to find that absolute truth which I had so longed for. I loved the fact that when I received Jesus in Holy Communion I KNEW I was receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus. I loved reading the Catechism, I loved reading about the Church Councils, I loved that there was one firm interpretation of Holy Scripture and I loved the amazing Apostolic Succession of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

In the Pope we have a wonderful gift from God, a promise from God. Our Popes may have their weaknesses, they may have ideas which are not in line with Scripture. They may make mistakes but, and this is the big BUT: when they teach ex Cathedra, that is, from the Chair as Bishop of Rome, with the full authority of office, in union with the Bishops, we know that God has protected them from error. This is where Papal infallibility is protected. I will not repeat here what I have already written elsewhere, but to read about the Primacy of Peter and his Successors the Bishops of Rome, please go to the Early Church Fathers on our front page or follow the link below. In the meantime, Happy Feast Day of St Peter’s Chair.

On the Primacy of Peter and his Successor the Bishops of Rome

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