The Fall

God created the perfect world,
He created the perfect child,
But the peace and beauty of Eden,
Was soon to be defiled.

God wanted children – not Puppets,
So He gave mankind free-will.
He gave them harmony and Order,
And one simple rule to fulfill.

Pride overcame His children,
And suffering was the response.
Wisdom of evil made clear,
But death crept in at once.

The fall of man was inevitable,
And the battle began to rage:
Goodness versus the evil one,
The Universe the stage;

The human soul the battlefield –
Our flesh too weak to win –
So God became a man
To take away our sin.

Our God taught us by example,
He suffered in our place.
We simply had to follow Him,
To free the human race.

Some do not have the courage,
Whilst others enjoy the sin.
Many do not trust enough,
To allow God to enter in.

More sins are then committed
And pain is still the price.
Why do we still blame God for this?
What must He do – die twice!?

We still blame God for suffering,
Yet our freedom we all enjoy.
Will we ever turn back to God
Or will we this world destroy?

Will we ever repent of our sin,
And accept God’s offer of love?
Or will we give in to our passions
And refuse God’s kingdom above?

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