The Key To A Joyful Life

Live your life placing God first, others second and yourself last.

What you should try to do for God:
Be innocent, so that God may be at peace with you.
Be grateful, so that God may bless you further.
Be humble, so that God alone may praise you.
Be courageous, so that you may not faint in bearing your cross.
Be virtuous, so that your life may be pure.
Be devout, so that you will always place God first in your life.
Be faithful, that God may add grace upon grace.
Be obedient, so that you seek God’s will above your own.
Be joyful, that your life may be a witness to others.

What you should try to do for others:
Be loving, so that you will have a good family.
Be chaste, so that your marriage will have trust.
Be kind, so that you will enjoy good friendships.
Be loyal, so that others will treasure your friendship.
Be peaceful, so that others may feel at ease in your company.
Be compassionate, so that others may turn to you in times of trouble.
Be gentle, so that no one may fear to approach you.
Be respectful, so that you may not wound another’s feelings.
Be honourable, so that you may win the respect of others.
Be selfless, so that you put the needs of others above your own.

What you should try to do for yourself:
Be honest, so that you will be able to live with yourself.
Be good, so that the fruits of your life may be abundant.
Be charitable, so that your heart may know the joy of giving.
Be merciful, so that you may not be judgemental.
Be patient, so that all good things may come your way.
Be disciplined, so that your life may have order.
Be wise, so that you may not suffer disappointment.

Be all these things above, if you can, but above all, be all of these things to yourself, because life is a journey in which no one begins at its end, we all have to start at the beginning and learn from experience. And none of us will be capable of completing the goal without the grace of God and the aid of loved ones.

God bless you in your journey through life. Love God, love others and love yourself – the key to a joyful life!

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4 Responses to The Key To A Joyful Life

  1. Judy says:

    Very nice words of wisdom. I enjoyed looking over your site.

    Do you know of a good Bible Study Class that a Roman Catholic could partake of to grow more in the word of the Bible?

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hello Judy, thank you for your comments. You could try the EWTN site, they have a great online Bible site. You can choose your program and the version of Bible you like. I love the Vulgate Bible as it is the earliest and contains the books that were removed by the Protestants. God bless Geoff

  2. Cristy Ramirez says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for this inspiring reminder specially this Lent. I hope to see your posts again. God bless and keep you always.

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