Theresa’s Jewels

The following poem was written for a friend of mine who, like myself, has suffered a great deal with ill health. We are both devotees of St Padre Pio and my poem was based on his words that sufferings are the “Jewels of the Spouse” in other words a gift from God.

“I know you are suffering a great deal, but isn’t this, perhaps, the jewels of the spouse.” St Padre Pio

Theresa’s Jewels

Daughter, I know your sorrows; I count the tears you shed.
I know the pain within your heart, each thought within your head.
Not a sparrow falls from the sky, but that your Father knows.
And not a blade of grass in the field, without My Spirit grows.
But you My child are more precious than all the birds of the air,
Because I created you in My image, I show you special care.
My child, I cannot remove your cross, nor take the pain away.
For I’ve chosen this for you, and “the jewels of the spouse” must stay.
You know the mystery of the cross… that I place it on those most dear.
Embrace it with all your strength, My child, and I will always be near.
I will give My grace to you; I will help you through each night.
I will give you strength – and the courage to withstand the fight.
Guard well My child, these days of grace; always remember your calling.
It’s through your prayer and sacrifice, that others are saved from falling.

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