The Joy of Christ

The joy of Christ is like a warm glow within your heart, a burning love that never dwindles. Nothing can harm you when you know the joy of Christ, when dark days come upon you His love is like the sunshine breaking through the darkest cloud warming your soul, taking from you all fear and sorrow. When you are happy you find at times this joy is hard to contain, like fireworks exploding within you, you find yourself wanting to share with others this joy and burning love. The World becomes as paradise when you know the joy of Christ, so full of wonder and excitement and your heart becomes as a child once more, simply excepting and believing in all that is good and worthy of praise. Faith, hope and love flourish within you like flowers in the springtime, their sweet fragrance refreshing your soul.

Peace envelopes you when you know the joy of Christ, your whole being can take refuge in the heart of Jesus and find such sweet repose. Jesus offers to you an abundance of His peace, a peace that is beyond understanding and cannot be found in this World through any other source. This peace brings your heart and mind to rest in the assurance of God’s love and tender care. It sets you at peace with your neighbour and the world, it helps friendships to blossom and it defuses all arguments, jealousies and rivalry. When you meet with strangers you realise that they are just friends that you have not met before and you greet them warmly with the love of Christ. This peace bears much fruit and you reap its harvest each and every day.

When you accept the joy of Christ, His Spirit dwells within you, keeping your soul from harm. His Word (Holy Scripture) suddenly comes to life as His Spirit guides you and you begin to see God’s eternal plan of salvation, you become aware of who you are, and of God’s purpose for your life. The path before you becomes clear and you see the journey ahead that leads to Holiness, to live forever in the presence of God and those whom you love; to live a life without sorrow, grief or pain, a life full of joy and blessings, a life of love and peace and eternal harmony. A life with God your creator and Father, an everlasting life, an everlasting gift, an everlasting joy, that is… the joy of Christ.

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