A World Of Love

I want the world to fall in love,
I want the world to embrace.
To see each man and woman
As having only one face,
I want the world to become a family,
United in their love,
To share each other’s burdens
And glorify God above.

I want an end to intolerance
And every selfish thought.
I want an end to poverty
And all the battles fought.
I want a world of peace.
Where everyone will be free.
Where love and harmony reign,
For everyone to see.

I want to live in a world
Where tear-drops never fall,
Where everyone turns to God
And listens to His call.
When will I see a world of love?
When will mankind unite?
When will the rich man share his wealth
And end the poor man’s plight?

The answer is very simple,
For the word of God is clear,
When the world lays down its idols
God’s kingdom will appear.
As long as man seeks power
And not the word of the Lord,
This fallen world will remain divided
And will not be restored.

So do not worship your idols
Of power, money or fame,
But repent and receive God’s mercy,
In the power of Jesus name.

By Geoff Heggadon

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