The Acer Tree


The Acer Tree

There are lessons everywhere if we look for them. I was looking at the small Acer Tree in my garden. In the summer its leaves were green, now in the Autumn its leaves have turned red. It began me thinking about the seasons of life and how we all go through many changes. It also struck me that our lives also find their true colour and beauty, at times, in the coldest and harshest times of our lives, At the age of 33, I fell ill and was bedridden for 13 years. I learnt so much during those years, I grew, my heart expanded and God came to live within. I am well now and using what I was taught. I cannot regret those years, although I lost so much – but I gained so much too. And like the Acer tree in my garden, I became more beautiful during the coldest darkest days of my life. (Geoff)

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