Quick Meditation – It’s Not a Dog’s Life

My dog, Bruno, had a good night’s sleep, woke up and was taken for a nice walk in the woods with plenty of play. He also met some other dogs to play with. Then it was home to have a nice bath, a rub dry and breakfast. Finally, all tired out, he settled down for a nap under his blanket.

What a beautiful life he has I thought. He has no worries, not a care in the world. Everything is provided for him, and he receives all the love and attention he needs.
Then I thought how his life was similar to Adam and Eve at the beginning, before the fall. God took care of them, they had no suffering and all their needs were provided.

Adam and Eve were warned that suffering and death would enter their world if they ate the fruit from the tree which would give them the knowledge of good and evil. Although warned, they still wanted to be like God, possessing that knowledge.

Now my question is this: would you want to go back to being like Adam and Eve before the fall? Would you wish to live a simple life like Bruno, but without that intellect and free-will which you have been given? I think the answer would be no.

God knew that Adam and Eve would disobey Him, He knew that our world would become what it is. But He allowed it, because He wanted children who would be capable of loving Him of their own free-will.

Yes, we will have to tolerate suffering and loss for a time, but the prize at the end, for those who endure, by the grace of God, is eternal life with our Father in heaven – not to live as pet dogs, but as children and heirs to His Kingdom. Thanks be to Christ.

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