Homeless People Encountering Jesus


Homeless Man Encounters Christ

Alejandro Diaz, a 67 year old man from Miami with cancer, had “lost his faith in God” when the doctors told him he had less than a month to live. One evening Diaz was searching through a restaurant dustbin for food when, he said, “a soft-spoken man tapped me on the shoulder. I though, he too was homeless, so I offered him half of the bread crust I had fished from the trash. He smiled and took my hand. It was a feeling like none other – a kind of comforting warmth that oozed through my body. For the first time in years I felt happy to be alive. Tears welled in my eyes and I blurted out to this stranger. ‘I don’t want to die! Please help me!’ We kneeled and prayed right there among the cockroaches and rotting food. My new friend, of course, was none other than Jesus. It didn’t surprise me when the doctor at the free clinic told me my cancer had vanished.” Diaz said he has met a number of other homeless people in South Florida with similar experiences. He now holds daily prayer sessions on a street corner in Miami.

Homeless Woman Encounters Christ

“What you remember most is His eyes” said Tina Forsch of Los Angeles. Forsch was on the street with her three children because their father had left with another woman. “I was begging for food and change,” she said, “and I was so desperate I even considered selling my body. I saw this guy coming down the street and thought to myself: ‘He won’t hurt me. He looks too kind.’ Before I could utter a word he put his hand on my shoulder and said: ‘Your body is a temple given to you by God… if you desecrate this temple, you are turning your back on the one who cares and can lead you to the promised land.’ He held me as I cried like a baby. When my tears stopped, I felt my soul had been cleansed.” He urged her to place the children in a safe place. Forsch now works in a church as a housekeeper.

I will not leave you desolate, I will come to you. (John 14:18)

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