Prayer For Grace

Sacred Heart Jesus Big

Heavenly Father, I am sinful and weak.
Be my Shield of Faith and my Tower of Strength.
Be my Anchor of Hope and my Lion of Courage.
Be my Haven of Peace and my Spirit of Humility.
Be my Book of Wisdom and my Light of Truth.
Be my Song of Joy and my Hymn of Praise.
Be my Heart of Love and my Fountain of Grace.
Be my Word of Prayer and my Litany of Worship.
Lord, be everything for me, that I fail to be for you –
That Your power may be made perfect in my weakness.
I ask this in the precious Name of Jesus,
And by His merits alone will I receive this,
For Your glory, my salvation and the good of souls.

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2 Responses to Prayer For Grace

  1. Matilda D Souza says:

    I need to be a part of your organisation and want to be closer to Jesus.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Matilda, but I am a one man band working on this site. I hope you find the closeness to Jesus that you desire. God bless

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