Miraculous Medal saves woman from the devil

Here is a conversation Saint John Vianney had with a penitent, because of his gift of discernment he could read hearts and was able to relate something which happened to her some years before:

– “Do you remember that you went to a ball on such-and-such occasion?”
– “Yes, I remember.”
– “Do you remember that at a certain moment a handsome young man entered the ballroom. He was quite elegant, appeared very upright and danced with several young ladies?”
– “Yes, I do.”
– “Do you recall that you had a great desire to dance with him?”
– “I recall that.”
– “Do you recollect that you became sad because he didn’t ask you to dance?”
– “Yes, I do.”
– “Do you remember that by chance you looked down at his feet and saw a strange blue light coming from them?”
– “Yes. I remember.”
– “That young man was none other than the devil who had taken that shape to tempt several of the young women there. He was unable to approach you because you are a Daughter of Mary protected by her, and you were wearing the Miraculous Medal.”

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