Poetry Selection 1

I Love You Lord

O Lord of Life, I love to pray,
To call upon Your name.
I love to hold You in my heart,
And know you feel the same.

I love to sing a song to You,
And tell You of my love.
I want to bathe within Your light,
And worship You above.

I love to seek You in the night,
When all the world’s asleep.
Then in my heart I’ll hold You tight,
And feel Your love so deep.

O Jesus, how I long for You!
My soul will know no rest,
Until the hour You call me home,
To lay upon Your breast.

Pour out Your Spirit, O Holy God,
That others may feel the same.
Then all the world will glorify You,
And call upon Your name.

Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy calling in the midnight hour,
I can sense Your beauty, Your warmth and Your power,
Your Spirit envelops me in a loving embrace,
O how I delight in the pouring down of Your grace.
O beautiful Redeemer who reigns up above,
I wish I could make known the mystery of Your love.
In all I see beauty and love so divine,
The stars can’t outnumber the blessings that are mine.
Your love searches out both the great and the small,
Your mercy, never ending, granting pardon to all.
O merciful Saviour looking down from above,
You grant all who receive You the gifts of Your love.
Divine Mercy ever calling, I know You won’t cease,
Until each child of Yours comes to rest in Your peace.

Count your blessings

Count your blessings, one by one,
Thank the Lord for all He’s done.
Thank Him for the victory won,
Through the blood of Christ, His son.

Now you’re free to journey on,
Through His grace you will be strong.
Onward, upward, journeying home,
No longer in exile will you roam.

The Holy Spirit is now your guide,
His love and power are on your side.
Follow Jesus every day,
He is the life, the truth, the way.

All troubles and trials you’ll overcome,
No longer stumbling, now you’ll run.
Grace and beauty will flood your soul,
Your joy in Christ will make you whole.

The flame of love within your heart,
Will burn for all and never depart.
Joy and peace are gifts from above
But the greatest gift you’ll find is love.

The love of God is never ending,
More love and graces He’s always sending.
So count your blessings one by one,
And thank the Lord for all He’s done.

Come to me, Jesus

Come to me, Lord Jesus, from Heaven above;
Grant to me the blessings of Your power and Your love.
Sing to me softly in the still of the night;
Fill the depths of my soul with Your purity and light.
Create and establish Your home in my heart;
Come dwell in me, Jesus, and never depart.
Use my hands and my feet as instruments of care;
May my heart and my soul be tabernacles of prayer.
Let my mind reflect always Your mercy and grace;
May all that approach me find You in my place.
May my life be a witness, by all that I do,
Of the love, joy and peace which I’ve found Lord, in You.

When you open up your heart

When you open up your heart for the Lord to enter in,
Your life becomes anew as you accept and trust in Him.

When you wake up in the morning and see the fresh new day,
You know the Lord is with you as you go upon your way.

Your eyes are suddenly opened to the beauty all around,
For in every good you see, you know He can be found.

You are my God

You trained my eyes
To see the beauty of life.
You tuned my ears
To the music of Your Spirit.
You opened my mouth
To sing Your praise.
You renewed my mind
With the wisdom of Your Word.
You filled my heart
With the pureness of Your love.
You clothed my soul
With the riches of Your grace.
You are the life of my spirit!
You are my God!


There is a place called Heaven, where teardrops never fall
Except, that is, for tears of joy, and they are shed by all.
God walks among His children there, His presence fills the air,
Not one soul is neglected, nor lacks His tender care.
No one there knows sorrow, hunger, loss or pain,
For these are former earthly things and none of them remain.
Heaven is like a garden where love and beauty grow,
The Lord God is the husbandman, through Him all blessings flow.
Only kindly words are spoken, they make the flowers bloom,
Whilst Angels sing their praise to God amid the sweetest tune.
There is a place called Heaven, where teardrops never fall:
Where love, peace and beauty grow, within the hearts of all.


How often, in life’s busy day,
Do we find time to stop and pray?
Though if you knew how prayer could please,
You’d spend more time upon your knees.
Prayer thanks the Lord for all His love,
Brings every blessing from above,
Helps us all, temptation fight,
Brings peace and calm into the night.
Prayer makes each darkened day seem bright,
Brings Heaven’s kingdom into sight,
Pours down on us the gift of grace,
And seats us in a heavenly place.
Prayer heals the conflicts of our soul,
Helps us achieve our heavenly goal,
Strengthens faith, helps us be kind,
Brings the purest wisdom to our mind.
Now do you see what prayer can bring?
When prayer becomes your spiritual pleasure,
You’ll know the worth of Heaven’s treasure.

I love You So

O Father in Heaven, I love You so,
I will sing Your praise forever!
I want to tell the world about Your love,
And share with them my treasure.
I want to capture each moment of the day
And consecrate it all to You,
That not a moment of my life may be wasted,
Nor anything I should do.
I call out Your name with every heartbeat,
I whisper it in every breath.
I will hold You within my heart forever,
Then embrace You in my death.

Your will be done

Lord, let me know Your will for me,
Let me praise You every hour.
Let me feel Your spirit move me,
And be subject to Your power.

Let me serve You here below,
Fulfilling every task,
Surrendering myself to You,
Observing all You ask.

Let me toil in endless labour,
Or be laid aside to just be still.
Let me preach Your Gospel boldly,
Or submit quietly to Your will.

Show me how to be obedient,
How to spend my days in prayer.
Make me humble before my neighbours,
Teach me how to love and care.

Grant to me the grace to suffer,
Faith that I may always stand sure.
Give me hope to seek Your kingdom,
A heart to love and serve the poor.

When my earthly life is over,
Receive this humbled soul of mine
To Your throne in heavenly splendour,
That I may adore You for all time.

Christian Living

Someone needs your prayers today,
There’s a suffering soul not far away:
A troubled soul that has great need
For someone’s love to intercede.
Works of charity and time in prayer
Show the Lord how much you care.
He who holds his neighbour dear
Will know God’s love and feel Him near.

A Christian spending time in prayer
Reveals to all God’s love and care.
A humble soul that acts through grace
Lets others see Christ in his place.
Prayer and fasting will bring peace,
Through Christian living wars will cease.
So Christian children sing out loud,
The word of God unto the crowd.

If we who know and love God’s word
Do not speak out, it won’t be heard.
Did Christ not give us this command,
To make Him known throughout the land?
Tell all the world about God’s love
And of His kingdom up above.
Let your light shine throughout the land;
Say the kingdom of God is close at hand.

Help God’s children, one by one,
Until Christ’s work on earth is done.
Pray, pray, with all your might
That all may come to see the light.
By ourselves deeds come to naught,
Only in Christ can the battle be fought.
Someone needs your prayers today,
There’s a suffering soul not far away.

Dream my child

I watch my child lie sleeping,
There is a beauty in her peace.
I wonder whilst she’s lying there
If her soul is filled with ease.
Dream, my child, dream.
Fill your soul with Heaven’s balm.
Dream, my child, dream,
Let your soul be calm.
Dream of all the beauty
God has placed in the world for you.
Dream of all the good things
You were sent down here to do.
Dream of a new tomorrow
With hope for everyone.
Dream of all God’s promises
Through Jesus Christ, His Son.


Love is patient and always kind,
Love is purity of the mind.
Love reaches out a helping hand,
It always seeks to understand.
Love calls on us to do good deeds,
It fulfils in us our deepest needs.
Love is the key to life itself,
It is in truth out greatest wealth.
Love flows throughout the universe,
No evil power can love disperse.
It gathers all hearts to make them one:
Love’s work with us has just begun.

To be as Christ

Look not to this world, but to God.
Seek not to be powerful in this world, but weak,
Not whole but broken, not proud but humble,
Not arrogant but meek, not foolish but wise.
Imitate the Lord who once wore our flesh.
Seek no power other than love, no pleasure other than prayer,
No wealth other than grace, no desire other that Christ,
No wisdom other than the Spirit, no destiny other than God.

Baptism of Fire

Pour down Your Holy Spirit Lord
Let the fire burn fierce within,
Consume me in its golden flame
And purge me from my sin.

Let not my weakness deprive me:
Of its radiant glow,
Within its power consume me Lord,
And recreate my soul.

From the burning embers raise me:
A life reborn anew
With the flame of fire upon my crown,
And a heart that’s good and true.

Then fill this reborn spirit
With the purity of Your love,
That my neighbours may see in me
The Christ who reigns above.

Lord, if my neighbours see in me
A life reborn anew,
They too may seek the baptism of fire
Which only comes from You.


All of creation proclaims My power,
My beauty colours the vibrant flower.
My Spirit allows all things to grow,
I created the sun, the wind and snow.

I moulded the Earth within My hand,
The bright sun burns at My command.
The moon and stars which rule the night,
Make known the wonder of My might.

My Spirit dwells on the mountains peak,
And also in the ocean’s deep.
From the northern lands covered with snow,
To the southern lands where warm winds blow.

My love pours down upon the earth.
In Me all creatures have their birth:
Fishes, mammals and birds of the air,
I love them all and show them care.

I give life to the whole of creation,
I show it love, I bring salvation.
You can search throughout space and time,
Wherever you look My spirit you’ll find.

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6 Responses to Poetry Selection 1

  1. carmen uy says:

    the poems are intensely and profoundly stirring the readers, inviting them to a deeper relationship with God…i also write poems but not as flawless as these poems that makes us feel as if the Holy Spirit is working within the author…do you accept contributions of poems on the faith…i would like to share with you my poems…sometimes i can produce 10 poems a day, mostly inspirational and about the faith.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Carmen for your beautiful comments. I was practically illiterate until at the age of 33 I became ill and was bedridden for many years. I began to write poems to pass on my faith to my children, but I never thought of them as good poetry. The Spirit is there but my brain is poor. So thank you. I would love to read some of your poems. Is it possible to email them to me? Thank you. Geoff

      • carnen h. uy says:

        age 33…Jesus is speaking the truth about his life through the events that happened to you…age 33 is the age that Jesus died on the cross…some says 34…if we add the two 3’s it becomes 6, the number of hours he was hanging on the cross before he died at 3 pm…

        • Geoff Heggadon says:

          Yes, Jesus did begin my conversion at this time. It was a time of grace.

          • carmen h. uy says:

            yes…age 33, the age you received the grace from God of dying to self and dying to the materialism of the world….for me, it took a long while of standing up for the faith…i am now 66…maybe i can be compared to sarah…barren until old age, barren of bearing fruits by the Holy Spirit..for me, the fruit i failed to bear before was proclamation of God’s words…but to be able to serve the church, i was called at age 44…by being a member of a bible study group, mother butler and apostleship of prayer…but then the gifts of the holy spirit did manifest only recently in me, that i am able to write about the faith…maybe around 2008, at age 62…before, i was serving the church to be saved from damnation for i was beset with unholy thoughts…through the help of the priests, and friends, and through devotion, i was freed from these unholy thoughts..Now have a 37 year old only child, with his wife and children…my only wish next to serving the Lord is to guide the family, through God’s will…

          • Geoff Heggadon says:

            Thank you Carmen, you are never too old to be moved by the Spirit or to do God’s work. God bless Geoff

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