The Divine Lover

The following piece was written by me after 3 years of being bedbound with illness, I had, unknown to me at the time, another 10 years in bed before a cure was found. Throughout those years God’s grace was always sufficient – as He had promised it would be, so much so, that my illness became another of His great gifts to me as He renewed my soul.

The Divine Lover

O Divine Lover of my soul, Your
love, like the mid-day sun warms my heart. Your Spirit comes to me like the summer breeze, warm and gentle, so delicate, so loving. I bathe in the light of Your countenance and my heart becomes all fire – burning with a love so strong, so passionate, so divine. At such moments I want nothing else but to live in Your presence.

I want to be consumed in the burning flames of Your Sacred Heart. I want all that I am to be melted down in the furnace of Your love and then fashioned anew by Your hand. I want to rise from the embers a new creation, a pure and holy being, that is capable of returning to You, the love which You so deserve.

Then, let me destroy myself for Your glory, let me give myself, entirely, to everyone, until there is not one part of me left that has not been given-over to someone else.

I want, that through me, Your love should be made known far and wide, and that in the process I should all but disappear, so that no-one may say, it was he who showed me this love – but that they should look only to You, my Divine Lord and Saviour. Let them forget that they ever knew me, but let them always remember Your love.

O Divine Lover of my soul, make of me what You will – all for Your glory – all for Your glory!

Thank you Holy Spirit for Your words, may you give me the wisdom to understand them, may Christ show me the way to follow them, and may the Father keep me beneath the protection of His Almighty and loving hand, as I strive to live them.
Amen. Amen.

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