“Jesus cured my drug addiction and helped me get my life together.”


Victor Reblane, Columbus, Ohio tells his story: “My life had truly hit rock bottom. I had been doing heavy drugs for nearly 3 years and hanging out with a bad crowd. And I had lost my job and didn’t have a dollar to my name. Even my drug dealer pals weren’t my friends any more. I needed to get money in a hurry — and the fastest way was to steal it from a nearby church where my brother is the Minister. As I stood in the church parking lot late that night, I had every intention of breaking out the window, climbing in and swiping the money. But as I approached the door, a bearded man appeared before me. I knew immediately who it was — it was Jesus. He told me to be at peace and believe in Him and everything would be fine with me. I spoke with him for a few moments and then he walked away. But after that brief encounter I felt a rush of joy and exhilaration that I had never felt before in my life. Miraculously, my horrible drug addiction disappeared — I was experiencing total freedom. The next day my former boss called and offered me my old job back. I accepted his offer, but I’ll be leaving there before long — when I go on a three month missionary trip to Asia!”

And you will know the true and the truth will make you free (John 8:32)

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