Healed of breast cancer.

Fr Dario Betancourt tells the story of a woman, one of his parishioners, who was a dancer in a nightclub and a prostitute. She had a cancer on her breast. She came to a healing Mass that was celebrated in her town square. Fr Dario was preaching on the woman in the Gospel who touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak. The prostitute said, “Lord, I am this woman, my life is one of sin – and making others sin, I ask for your forgiveness, I know I am here for a selfish reason, but here I am.”

She came close to a Priest who was hearing confessions and she herself went in to confess all her sins. Then she received Jesus in Holy Communion, as she did she felt like a flame burn her throat and it travelled down to her breast. In despair she ran home, but to her surprise, when she removed the bandages from her chest the external cancer was gone and only a small scar remained. She was completely healed, she started to scream and jump for joy. Today the brothel which was her home is now a house of prayer.

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  1. Geoff Heggadon says:

    Hello Ileana, I don’t mind if you use the testimony above, but I do not know of its original source, I got the story from a prayer group magazine many years ago. I find with Christian testimonies that people are always willing to share as they give glory to God. I don’t know how to contact Fr Dario, but I suggest you Google his name, he may be on facebook or somewhere. I will pray for your Grandson and your family. God bless Geoff

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