For Those Seeking God (Please share this important message and prayer)

Jesus did not come to break our will, he will never take from us our free will. Therefore we must seek Him. Jesus came to attract us with His love and the beauty of His Word. He came to forgive our sins and to impart grace, to fill our souls with His Holy Spirit. He came to give us a new and abundant life, to share with us His very own kingdom, to feed us with His divine nature in the Eucharist. He came that we might know peace in our lives, and to deliver us from all spiritual harm. He came to bring joy into our being. He came to bring love!

Give Him your trust and ask Jesus into your life today. If you want to share in the gifts of God, if you want to know real love, then say the following prayer with good intent.

Heavenly father, I want you to show me Your love.
I ask you to come into my heart today, right now.
I want you to show me how to live in such a way as to be open to Your grace,
To receive your promises, to be united to you through love.
I ask Your forgiveness for all the times I may have offended your love.
Please, reveal to me the way of love, the fullness of truth, and the beauty of life.
Give me the faith to seek You, the love to desire Your will and the courage to follow it.
In Jesus name. AMEN

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