Your Reflection Becomes Your World


I have heard two little stories recently with the same theme so I thought I would share their lesson: A woman sees two dogs walk into a room, one comes out happy and wagging his tail, the other comes out angry and barking. She could not understand what could be in the room that would make one dog so happy and the other very angry, so she went in to see. Upon entering the room she saw only a mirror. You see the happy dog saw only a happy dog greeting him with a wagging tail, but the angry dog saw his own aggressive image which made him more angry.
The second story was about a stranger coming into a village he had not been to before. He saw a wise man sitting at the village gate and asked him if the village was a nice place to visit. The old man asked, “what was the last village like that you passed through?” The man replied that it was a nice place, full of good people. The wise old man said, “then you will find this much the same.” Later, another stranger came to visit the village. He too stopped to ask the old man if the village was a nice place. “What was the last village like that you passed through?” Questioned the old man. “Oh it was terrible,” replied the stranger, “Full of miserable, mean, people who would not help anyone.” The old man looked up at the stranger and said, “You will find it just the same here!”
You see the world that each of us see is just a reflection of our ourselves, we receive back only what we give out.

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