“To the Last Drop!”


I was at Mass one morning and I was meditating on the fact that Christ shed His blood for all. Feeling very low in my self-esteem I was thinking about God loving me simply because He loves everyone and not because I am special to Him. As I walked up the line for Communion I posed the question to Him in my mind,

“Would You have shed your blood for me alone Lord?”

To which I heard Him reply in my mind,

“To the last drop!”

I approached the altar, received the Body of our Lord and then took the cup of His blood, I was so shocked as I lifted the cup to my mouth! A single last drop of wine, His Blood, poured into my mouth. Jesus had given me that last drop of His Blood as He had just spoken to me of. Now here comes the miraculous part: I was not at the end of the Communion line, there where others behind me and the cup should not have been empty. It was a week-day Mass with few people there and I sit in the same place each week. The cup has never been empty for me before, it was as though the Lord wanted to make a physical demonstration of His words to me. Our God is a merciful Father indeed. We are deeply loved!


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