Mirror of Kindness – A Random Act of Kindness

High school is always full of girls who have little self-confidence and lots of negative thoughts relating to self-image. So, one lunch break, I did something to help!
With the help of some friends I made a giant love heart on the girl’s bathroom mirror! It was made out of love heart shaped sticky notes with kind messages on each of them. The school was buzzing with chatter about the “Love Heart Mirror” and who might have made it. It had made a big impact in my school even the principle took notice. That night my Facebook news-feed was flooded with pictures of girls inside my heart of kindness!

I felt so good and proud of what I had done even if no-one knew it was me. See, that’s the added bonus about completing random acts of kindness – you feel fantastic!

(I found the above story in a magazine and thought, this is so needed today in all our schools)

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