Meditations Part 1

The purpose of these short meditations is to encourage our readers to think deeply about a number of different aspects regarding the Christian faith. The short meditations on the following pages will draw the reader into the beginning of a topic, which will then allow them to expand on the subject matter themselves, encouraging them to meditate on the different facets of the spiritual life.

An awesome, unconditional and infinite love

I think that one of our Father’s greatest sorrows must be that He cannot convince, even after the sacrifice of His only Son, the greater part of humanity that He holds an awesome, unconditional and infinite love for them.
When some people look at our world they wonder how there can be a God of love, but the error these people make is that they only see the world which mankind has created. They cannot see or imagine the Paradise which God once made for humanity, nor can they see or imagine the Heaven which He has created for them.
If instead of looking at our fallen world with worldly eyes they were to look upon that which belongs to God, that which is God, with the eyes of faith, then they would have a better perspective of God’s love: If they could only see the heart of a child at peace within his mother’s arms, or the soul of a person who is enraptured in prayer, or the love within the spirit of a person who is giving of themselves to others in some charitable act. Then these people would see a small reflection of God’s love, and how this will eventually form a part of the Kingdom of God in Heaven; then, and only then, would they understand the awesome, unconditional and infinite love that God the Father has for His children.

Know God – Know Yourself!

The man who knows God, knows himself, but the man who does not know God does not know himself:
When a soul has knowledge of God, he sees his true nature in the light of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit enlightens the man to not only know his weaknesses but also his strengths. The Spirit guides the man towards a life of virtue and informs his conscience. He brings dignity to the man as He confirms in him his status as a child of God.
On the other hand, the man who does not seek his Creator can never truly know himself. He identifies himself simply as an anonymous and insignificant member of the human race, but has no idea of his origin, his uniqueness, nor does he know what an infinite destiny he is being called to.

Our Mission

Our time upon this earth is precious, we all have a mission, a purpose in life, but so few people discover it. We all become so easily distracted and lose focus. Even when we get to know our calling, we suffer with trials, discouragements and apathy. To remain zealous and effective in our work we must remain In close communion with the Lord, it is He who has given us our calling. It is He who is our zeal, our strength and our courage. It is for Him that we labour, through Him that we succeed in sharing our love, and in Him that we find our peace.

The Christian Life

The Christian Life should be a continual longing for God, an unending desire for union. It should be a progressive search for wisdom and truth, a daily striving for the knowledge of God’s Holy Will. It should be a humble life of obedience, a vocation of service, a joyous sacrifice, a journey of implicit faith, of filial love and undiminishing hope.

The Gift of Love

Love cannot remain dormant within the heart, but has to be shared with others. If love is not shared it dies, that is, it leaves the heart of a person and returns to its source, which is God. Love, which is the Spirit of God, desires to give of Himself to others in “self donation,” because of this, you will often find that those people that are selfless are genuinely more joyful than those who are selfish. The selfless person who shares his love with others brings joy, both to himself and the receiver, and the chain of love goes on, forever giving, forever growing, forever loving.

The debt of love

As Christians we owe a debt of love towards our neighbour: Christ took upon Himself our sins and paid the debt which we could never pay. At the heart of every person is the Living Spirit of Christ, it is because of this fact, that as Christians, we owe a debt of love towards our neighbour. Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me.”(Mt 25:40)

The Secrets of the Heart

Some memories remain buried deep within the heart, they lay dormant there for all of ones life. They can direct our path without ever coming to the surface. In sad times and happy times, they may never fall upon the mind, but they still hold sway over the soul. Buried so deep within, they touch the very spirit of a person. Emotions will sometimes cause these memories to stir the subconscious, but there secret remains hidden forever. Whether the nature of these memories are love, sorrow, anguish or joy, the soul will never comprehend, sometimes they are so hidden that they appear to be only a shadow of a former life. These are the things known only to God. They drive us on, they hold us back, but only God knows the secrets of the heart.

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