Healed of Osteoporosis

Healed of Osteoporosis “I will give you rest.”

Agnes Heupel from Germany was suffering from osteoporosis, she had had two serious operations to try to help her condition, but her health kept deteriorating.

Her case was diagnosed as acute and her days were slipping away without any hope of recovery. She was in constant pain, had breathing difficulties and could only walk using two crutches.
During a church service in Medjugorie, she suddenly felt a sensation of burning. “At that moment I was not praying for myself, I was praying for my relatives.

Then from the divan where I was seated, I fell to my knees, something I had not been able to do for a long time. This is difficult to explain… not that I saw anything, but in my inner most self, there was so many things going on, as it were in slow motion. I had lost all notion of time. I felt a red hot current running through me from head to toe and all over my body.”

Agnes was completely healed, she found herself walking out of the church before she realised that people were saying, “where are your crutches?” Agnes began to weep out of shock, these were the first steps on her own in 12 years. ” I felt like a bird flying in the air.” She said.

Later, Agnes walked up to the top of the mountain where the Blessed Virgin Mary was said to have appeared “I was the first to go up and to come down. I had neither pain nor cramps in my muscles, something which was not normal.” Agnes came home from Medjugorje without her crutches, at that time she was the 292nd person recorded to have been healed at this place in just five years that now receives several million visitors each year. The Vatican, as always, are doing a full investigation of their own, but to this day Agnes shows no signs of ill health.

Healed of alcoholism “He will not let you be tempted beyond your strength”

“My father and grandfather had died alcoholics, and I too was battling this scourge. I had attended may conferences, prayer meetings and had been prayed with through laying on of hands, but it hadn’t worked. I had also attended healing of memories seminars. But I wasn’t going to give up! I knew the Lord had in mind a complete healing! I arrived at Medjugorie with a prayerful determination, I was going to bombard Heaven. I knew this was a last chance of sorts, as I felt the weight of my alcoholism pulling me towards that slippery slope and satan taunting me, you’ll end up like your father! I found myself at Vicka’s patio, packed with people desperately trying to speak to her, or get her attention in any way they could. I felt so sorry for her, and thought I won’t be a part of this, even though I wanted so badly to have her pray over me. I inched my way over to this area, and leaned up against the railing, closed my eyes, and began to pray. I opened my eyes and there in front of me stood Vicka smiling as she was inching her way up her stairs. I grasped her hands and placed them on my head, folded my hands in prayer and pleaded with my eyes. She prayed briefly over me, and disappeared up the stairs. I felt such a closeness to heaven, a feeling I had never had before or since.” Cathy was healed that day – all glory to God! “It was about 2 months before I realized I wasn’t drinking anymore, and didn’t have any cravings! That was 17 years ago. I have endured tragedies and heartbreak since, but regardless of what crisis I faced I never had a temptation to drink – only a desire to pray.”

Come to Me, all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. (Mat 11:28)

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4 Responses to Healed of Osteoporosis


    My name is OBIEKWE HARRISON CHIDIEBERE. I can still remember I grew up as a genius, solving every problem that comes my way with ease. Taking first position in most of the competitions I participated in.
    But unfortunately, my happiness and joy was gradually taken away from me as I was diagnosed of osteoporosis. The future of the genius was suddenly cut short. I was not surprised when the doctor added that my memory was depreciating. “I noticed that” was my answer to her (doctor).
    Henceforth, many questions like ‘am I slowly dying’, ‘can I be cured’, etc stared running on my head.
    Oh my goodness! The worst thing is that am now afraid of living or dying.
    Please I need help

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      I am sorry to hear of your poor health. To you it may seem very pointless, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I was ill for a long time: at the age of 33 I was stuck down with M.E. and became ill for 20 years, 13 of those years I was bedbound. I could not understand this as I thought that I had always been a good person and did not deserve this illness. But I put my trust in the Lord and I offered Him my life and all my sufferings each day. Soon my illness became a blessing – although still hard to endure at times. But it brought me into a deeper relationship with the Lord and that changed my whole life for the better. I am well now, but I still look back at those years as a blessing. God has given you a cross to carry, its weight will depend on how you decide to carry it. If you drag your cross with resentment it will drag you down, but if you lift it high with Jesus and the Saint, it will become your glory. I will pray for you that God will always give you sufficient grace to carry your cross with love for Him. God bless

    • Obiekwe Harrison says:

      Please whosoever is responsible for posting this should please remove it. I’m the real Obiekwe Harrison Chidiebere, I am a man and neither suffered nor diagnosed of Osteoporosis. Please the owners of this site should help me delete this allegation. Thanks.

      • Geoff Heggadon says:

        Hello, you are referring to a comment left by someone with the same name as you. This is not something I have written, there are a few people who have the same name as you, one of them has made this comment. God bless

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