God Is Not A Thief

Many souls do not know God’s love as we should, we do not know God as He truly is. This is because we do not fully open our hearts to Him, we hold back, afraid to let go of the world. This is simply a lack of faith, because God does not wish to take anything from us, but only to give us His unconditional love. If there is something which we are unwilling to give up, God does not take it from us, but He waits until such time as we no longer wish to hold on to it. God is not a thief, but a Father of love who wishes only to give of Himself unconditionally to all.

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2 Responses to God Is Not A Thief

  1. some guy says:

    Everyone says this, and yet the Vatican and other corporations are specifically international accounts of piracy & lies. When children get orphaned & robbed, God does not replace it or defend them, but when large corporations get robbed by the poor God is quick to rush miracles to ensure they maintain every last dollar.

    Sounds like a thief to me.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Hi, my piece is about giving our heart’s to God and His patience in waiting for them. You are talking about corporate corruption. I do not believe God helps the rich, but I do believe in His words when He warns the rich that they have already had their reward, and He tells the poor that they shall inherit the earth. Everything will come into balance in the next life.

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