From the Manger to the Throne

Messiah, Master, King of Kings, no longer babe are You,
Everlasting Father, Lord, it’s time the whole world knew:
Rabboni, please teach us that You are a babe no more,
Righteous Judge, You reign supreme, the King which we adore,
You are now the Cornerstone, the hope of all the earth!

Chosen One, we praise You as we celebrate Your birth.
Hope of glory, our High Priest, we lift our hearts in praise,
Rising Sun, Lord Jesus Christ, you set our hearts ablaze!
Immanuel, you left Your throne, came down to earth to be
Sacrificial Lamb, aware You’d end up on that tree.
True light, shine into our hearts, and make our spirits yearn;
Mighty God, make every heart prepared for Your return.
Alpha and Omega, you are worthy, You alone
Saviour, turn our focus from the Manger to the Throne!

By Connie Hinnen Cook 1946-2007

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