Angels Everywhere and more

Angels Everywhere

Mother Angelica, the famous nun who created the world’s largest Christian Media Station, the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) once had a man come to her who was a sceptic. They talked about God and eventually the conversation came around to Guardian Angels. The man said that he did not believe in Angels; Mother told him that she would say a prayer for him. When the man left the convent he got on a bus that drove through a town. As he looked out the window he was amazed to see that beside every person, he could see there stood a Guardian Angel. The man saw a homeless person with his Guardian Angel sitting beside him with one arm over his shoulder gently consoling him. As a young couple walked hand-in-hand down the street he saw their Guardian Angels walking behind them, also holding hands. Everywhere he looked there was no one without an angel. When he got off the bus the vision ended and so did the man’s scepticism!

Angel intervention

Paul Dunwell overtook a sports car at 70mph in the dark, a short distance on, he then lost control of his motorbike on a blind bend. Paul wrote:

‘All I could think about was I’d risked the life of the driver now that my bike lay in his path on the blind bend. Telling myself that my idiocy had brought this about, I resolved to try to move the bike despite its weight and my hands being pulped. Time was, I knew, running out… then an odd thing happened… the car appeared on the bend at a snails pace with the hazard lights already on.’ The driver got out and said:

‘You’ll never believe what just happened… there was a light in my car. And I was told, as if there was someone in the car with me, that you were lying there in the road. I was told not to hit you.’

Angels in the Hospital

In 1998 Sylvia Mace and her husband were sat in a hospital room with their 8 week old daughter who was suffering from bronchiolitis complicated by a collapsed lung. Her oxygen levels were very poor even on optimum oxygenation via a headbox, and it looked as if she would need to be ventilated. Sylvia wrote:
‘My husband and I were in a state of complete panic. I went to the Ladies and rested my head on the wall and prayed, ‘God will you please just let me see where you are in all of this because I can’t tell.’

I then went back to the room where my husband and daughter were. I took my place at the opposite side of the cot to him. As I stood there, the experience I felt can only be described as being wrapped in the softest feathers, or velvet, something indescribably soft, and just being held. With it came an indescribable sense of peace, in total contrast to my feelings only seconds before. I am convinced I was being wrapped in angel’s wings and comforted and reassured. I looked over at my husband to smile at him, as I felt everything would be all right, and saw angels beside him.

There were two male figures, about eight feet tall standing either side of my husband. They had shoulder-length hair, and were wearing bronze-coloured robes… They had faces that were both youthful and mature at the same time. They were both looking down on my husband as if keeping watch, and they both had their hands on swords, which were hanging in belts around their waists, as if ready for action. I then said, ‘This is all very well God but where are Nicola’s angels?’ My attention was then drawn to her cot, which was so bright even the figures by Martin looked dull, and words came to me (which I later found in Deuteronomy): ‘The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting Arms’. God was telling me that He was with Nicola, His arms were around her and He would heal.

Nicola later made a full recovery and was discharged much sooner than the staff and my husband would have imagined.

These two stories were taken from the book ‘Seeing Angels’ by Emma Heathcote-James

Guardian Angel Story

Young man saved from certain death on a train…

“I was younger then, I believe 17. Some friends and I were running on TOP of moving railroad cars, hopping from one car to another. On one car, I was running and just started to jump to the next car… I stopped like I had hit something, or someone, I was being held in my place… I was confused. I had gone to jump but it didn’t happen! I looked down, and there was a ladder-rung-type of thing over my foot. Had I jumped, or rather, not been prevented from jumping by my guardian angel, my foot would have caught on the rung, which would have thrown me down between the 2 railroad cars, head first, and would have most likely killed me! It was the weirdest thing! I never ran on top of the railroad cars after that incident!”

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  1. Maureen Sullivan says:

    I love these stories. I have a few stories to tell, also, but I have never seen the angels, but I believe they were there.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Maureen. I have never seen an angel either but I know they are always at our side. God bless Geoff

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