Angelic Helpers

The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and delivers them. (Psalm 34:7)

A Norwegian missionary, Marie Monsen, in China in the early 20th century, testified to the intervention of angels when Christians were in great danger. They had taken refuge in the mission compound only to be surrounded by looting soldiers and they were astonished to find that they were left in peace. A few days later the hostile man explained that they were ready to break down the flimsy wall when they noticed tall soldiers with shining faces on a high roof in the compound. Marie Monsen wrote, “The heathen saw them, it was a testimony to them, but they were invisible to us!”
A similar story was told of missionaries carrying medical drugs through dangerous bandit territory. A church here in England linked with a mission in Africa were asked to pray for the safety of their missionary friends. One night bandits were going to set upon two of the missionaries as they delivered their drugs to a remote area. However the bandits were put off the attack when they saw ELEVEN guards walking with the missionaries! Later the bandits were caught for other activities and imprisoned. When one of the missionaries spoke to one of the bandits, he admitted that he and his friends had intended to attack them and steal their drugs, but didn’t because of the guards that were walking behind them. The missionary was puzzled as he and his friend were alone that night with no guards at all.
At home the minister of the church told this story to his congregation and asked how many of them had remembered to pray for their friends in the mission, ELEVEN people raised their hand. The power of prayer!

The Jogger

When my youngest son was 18 months old we were at a family reunion at a country club. The group area was separated from the main area by a creek and a thick row of fir trees. My older son had to go to the restroom so I left my younger son with my sister. She did not hear me ask her to watch him. He wandered off through the fir trees and fell face first into the creek.
A jogger picked him up out of the creek before he drowned and brought him over a bridge and around the fir trees right up to my mother. When we turned to thank him, he was gone! No one ever saw him leave.
We don’t know how he knew where to bring my son. There was another group much closer than our group but he ignored them and brought my son right over to us. My son is now 10 years old and loves to tell people about his guardian angel.

She prayed with me

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. (Heb 13:1&2)

My oldest daughter had been having severe headaches, the doctor had sent her for an MRI scan that morning which had turned out negative and so we returned home with her having been given some pain medication. After lunch and a sleep the pain returned with vengeance and we went back to the Doctors office again, this time they did a spinal tap. As a Nurse I was only thinking about the prognosis but later realized that she should have been admitted but she was sent home. On the way home I stopped at a small store to buy my daughter some soup. In the store a strange woman approached me and said she understood my daughter was ill and asked if she could pray with me. Never one to turn down prayer I agreed, this woman took my hands and prayed for my daughter. After, as she left, she went around the corner and I thought of something I wanted to tell her but couldn’t find her and when I asked the store staff, they told me I was the only one in the shop. The next day my daughter was well and there were no signs of the meningitis.

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