The Healing Gift of Tears and a Hug

I travelled to Medugorje for the 19th anniversary. I’d already been there a number of times in the past. I found a peace there that I’ve never experienced before, something that I couldn’t begin to describe in mere human words. On the morning of June 26th the last day of my pilgrimage I took time out on my own.
I walked over to the statue of the Risen Christ and as I approached I noticed two ladies sitting on the plaque about 20 – 30 feet in front of the statue. Three other people were approaching the statue also, two ladies and one man, The younger of the two ladies stretched out her hand to touch the nail on Christ’s feet and as she did she cried his name “Jesus”. She was obviously so full of pain.

The man put his arm around her and led her away. I wanted to tell him to leave her because I felt that she was being healed, but I didn’t and by this time I was also in tears. I had felt her pain in the way she called his name “Jesus”. I sat down by the feet of the Risen Christ and I laid my head against His ankles and put my arms around His feet. There I stayed for about an hour, crying some of the time but why I’m not sure. It was very hot that day and there was a beautiful breeze blowing.

Every now and again I glanced up and I noticed the two ladies were still there praying the rosary. When I’d stopped crying I talked to Jesus. I said, “Lord I wish you could give me a hug. I know that’s not possible, I don’t expect you Jesus of Nazareth to stand here before me and give me a hug, I know you can do it if you want to but I don’t expect you to.”

After a while I got up to leave and as I walked along the path one of the ladies stood up and blocked my path. “Excuse me” she said “but would you mind if I gave you a hug”

I can’t describe how I felt except, that I got the most beautiful hug that I’ve ever had in my life, from both ladies. When I continued along the path I felt that I no longer needed my legs, I was walking, but my feet weren’t on the ground. From there I went to the wooden cross by the side of St. James Church to pray and there I prayed from the heart for the first time since I’d arrived in Medugorje, six days previously.
I was overwhelmed with the joy and peace in within me and I couldn’t wait to tell others what had happened. I went to the restaurant to see if I could find others from our group but instead I met the two American ladies, Nancy and Roberta.

Nancy told me that while I was sitting by the feet of Christ they felt inspired to pray for me and that later they felt the need to touch me, Then as a sign they asked that when I got up to leave that I walk towards them. And of course that’s what I did!

Nancy told me that now it was my job to pray for them, which I do regularly. Sadly I forgot to tell them how I had just asked Jesus for that hug. I learned from that experience how Jesus can be in every one of us if we invite Him in. He gave me the hug I asked for, using Nancy and Roberta.

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