The Gift of Hope

Christ cured our illnesses that we might have the promise of healing. He stilled the storm that we might know where to find peace. He raised Lazarus that we might see His Sovereignty over life. He wept that we might know His capacity to mourn. He multiplied the loaves that we might trust in His ability to provide. He suffered and died that we might know He shares our pain. He rose from death so that we might no longer fear death, and He conquered sin that we might have the promise of a new and eternal life.

Why did Jesus give us these promises of a new life when He knew that the consequences of the fall would remain to test us all? They were given to us as a “Gift of Hope!” One can live without many things but one cannot live without hope: One can live without dignity if one has no pride. One can live without charity if one has no conscience. One can live without honour if one has no self-respect. One can live without faith if one has no knowledge of God. One can even live without love if one has no love to share. One can live without many things but one cannot live without hope.

Hope is always needed because it feeds the soul with reasons for living; without hope life seems to hold no purpose. And so it is that Christ promised us “Abundant” life – by brining to us many gifts, and one of the most precious gifts of all, is the gift of hope.

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