My Heart & Soul’s Delight

O Lord, You are the cause of all my joy,
the love that burns within.
You are the divine spark,
that sets my soul on fire.
You are the life of my spirit –
my very breath!

You are the peace that comes
when shadows overwhelm.
You are the courage
that rises from within.
You are the calm that
stills the waters deep
and soothes my mind to sleep.

You are the child
that laughs and jumps for joy
when I’m excited, or at play.
You are the eyes that shine
with awe and wonder,
at the dawn of each new day.

You are the wise old man
sitting on the seat of wisdom,
that makes the journey profitable.
You are the teacher
of every good and perfect lesson,
the God who guides the way.

You are the sweetest music
in my soul – the song which never dies.
You are the rhythm and chanting
of my heart,
that makes the Angels dance.

You are the pulse of life,
the glorious power,
the brightest most beautiful light.
You are my friend, my Father,
my beautiful Saviour.
You are my heart and soul’s delight

By Geoff Heggadon

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