My Cancer Journey With God

Today I contemplate what this day represents to me.
7 Years ago my life changed, I was diagnosed with cancer! It was to be not a big deal………….just a quick surgery and maybe radiation, not a big deal, or so we thought.
Well my surgery, went well, got it all, just to wait for the results of the lymph nodes removed. I felt fabulous, Ken Heath my hubbby picked me up, I was dressed up, make up on and feeling great, even my son Jeff Heath and Granddaughter Ava were here when i woke up, they had travelled from Queensland, thanks to Jacqui Macarthur.Things were amazing, God had healed me!
I had always had my Faith however this really made me wake up to what a precious gift it was!
Phone call from my Breast Surgeon was the beginning to my long journey. The cancer was in my lymph nodes as well! Another surgery and now Radiation and the most feared for me chemotherapy!!!!!! O my God I will lose my hair,this thought killed me, however I kept Praying, gosh I Prayed so much more than I ever had done in my life, I was clinging onto any Saint to help me, why had I not done this earlier in my life, I asked myself, why didn’t I turn to God more? You feel invincible and then this,I had a great job, I loved my hubby and my children and my family, I didn’t want to go! But something kept me calm, what was it?
Well another surgery with my faithful daughter Alisha Thompson (Prof Bid MD) this time I asked all the surgical staff before the surgery if we could all say The Hail Mary together, why, something inside me told me to do this,we all did. I had a Holy Picture of my St Padre Pio in my surgical stocking, one of the nurses admired my tattoo lol, it was my Holy Picture lol
My surgery was a big surgery, I woke up with tubes coming out of me and a bottle collecting my blood etc! I was in such pain, but still knew this was the way to get this insidious disease out of me, still I Prayed, more and more I Prayed, I thought again “why didn’t I Pray like this before?’
Sure I Prayed but this time was so different, He was actually with me, I felt calm once more! Sure I was a Practising Catholic, I loved the Sacraments, I diligently went to Mass, but now I had to grip onto my Faith, it was all I knew that could save me.
I became desperate to tell all the nursing staff and Dr’s God would look after me, I even got my family to bring in a Statue of my Padre, to be placed amongst my many flowers, which were sent to me, my room resembled a Florist, oh I was Blessed. My family kept a vigil with me staying over, I still see Alisha sleeping on this very uncomfortable chair, my poor baby girl, even my sister Gayle Walsh stayed nights. We would laugh and watch tv together. By this time I felt it was going good.
After many nights of such uncomfortable sleep I begged Alisha Thompson to go home, she had Xavier at home and he was only a toddler at the time. Finally see agreed to go home. I lied back into my bed with all my tubes and was happy.
I was awoken in the morning by 2 Dr’s, Breast Cancer nurse and others I still don’t know who they were?
My breast cancer had also gone into my sternum, I was alone when they told me “I was in very dangerous times!”
They finally left and I said aloud,” Oh my God why?” Help me!!
I then had to ring my family and tell them, this was a horrible time. When I had hung up I Prayed so hard, I heard a slight bang, I got up to see what a dropped…… find a petal on the hospital floor, wow I thought, God is telling me He is with me!
many tears followed however I was still feeling calm? Well most of the time lol!!!!!
After 10 days I got discharged! Radiation was booked in 7 weeks of Mon-Fri, chemotherapy for 9 months of weekly chemotherapy.
I started the protocol and I was not sick at all, I would use the time at chemo to give out Holy Pictures and Rosary Beads, anyone going through these times needs this comfort, Christian or not, I know I never had anyone knock me back! Oh God and Our Lady were active in my life! Sure I had terrible times the needle could never find my veins, I would shed many a silent tear as they kept on trying, gosh those needles seem thick lol
I was terrified only about losing my hair, I could stand the poison of chemo, the burns from radiation but not my hair please God I pleaded!. Well God gave me the grace to return to work, now this was incredible, along with all my surgical stockings on my legs, arms and hand. It was fab to be back at work! I asked my hairdresser at the time, Simone Taylor to please cut my hair short as I knew it would eventually fall out, however I kept Praying for a miracle, Simone dropped everything and cut my hair, this was so difficult for me, but hey it was a change lol.
Time passed and I would notice my hair would come out in clumps, this was the worst until……….I thought “ok maybe offer my hair up to God?’ This was my greatest horror but still I was calm, well sort of.My faith was growing so much more, I was talking to God, Our Lady, my St Padre Pio, St Jude, St Peregrine,St Mary MacKillop,St Therese my little flower, St Anthony,Dearest St Joseph the Terror of Demons, St Gerard Majalla, just to name a few lol, they were my protectors and I felt such a connection to them all.I wasn’t alone, I craved to read more and more books on these Saints and Queen of Heaven and Her Divine Son! Wow I have such inspiration now!
Eventually the phone call came when I rang Simone Taylor to shave my head………with champagne and many tears flooding my face my hair was gone……I was bald!!! This was my greatest fear, however I welcomed it, no more worrying about it anymore and God had my hair now!! My Ken Heath bought me a fab wig and there I was sporting it proudly, I even Blessed it with Holy Water.
Many Prayers were shooting up to Heaven for me, I was now awoken to the Power of Prayer! I meet a beautiful lady at chemo and we developed a strong friendship, my Vera Fenton, her son Andrew Fenton I became to know also. Such a beautiful lady who spoke so eloquently and shared my Faith, we would Pray together and in general diagnose ourselves, smuggling Veuve champagne out of the hospital, on occasions we were both in the Epworth Hospital at the same times with issues of our cancers. As time when by we grew so close, my beautiful Vera, my Cancer warrior. Well time flies even when you have cancer.
My family and my faith were a constant strength for me! I survived it, PRAISE THE LORD BY HIS GRACE ALONE AND THE THOUSANDS OF PRAYERS, GOD IS GREAT TO ME!
Life goes along however now I had this wonderful and glorious knowledge that God and all my Saints are here with me, ALWAYS, OH HOW I LOVED THEM ALL!
5 years passed,several trips tp ‘my’ hospital, then the news came my Vera was slipping away, going to her Eternal Home, this broke my heart! We lost Vera on 14th July 2018.
My cancer warrior my friend had gone……to her Heavenly Reward!
Then in September my beautiful Oncologist Prof Michael Green , informed me my breast cancer had come back in my lungs and probably still in my sternum. I was saddened by this but now my Faith was strong, I didn’t fear, I was calm!
Back on chemo tablets for 2 years! sure there was illness through this time but I was doing great all my Saints and God were holding me! Then came the news my workmate had breast cancer, together we Prayed, laughed, cried and again self diagnosed our-self, I was an expert now lol! On the 23rd May 2019 my Cancer warrior Shirley Collins entered her Heavenly Home, only 50 y.o! My heart broke again.

Now ……I am off my chemo tablets and all my many tumours(I never wanted to know how many lol) have not grown anymore, still there but shall we say asleep?????I wanted to also send out a huge shout out to my beautiful family,Ken Heath,Gayle Walsh,Jeff Heath,Alisha Thompson, Zac Heath and all my nieces,Siobhan Traficante who also fought the brave fight of cancer,and won Amy Walsh, Ryan Thompson,Michelle Heath, Kelly Jade my Darling best friend Jackie Calou and Dianne Whitby and Ian Whitby, who have always been there for me and all my many friends and fb friends, I humbly thank you one and all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I wanted to write this very long story to affirm that God Is Alive right now He is Here!!!

I don’t know what He has install for me but I know whatever He has I can do it with His Grace only, He takes over, its not me but Him. I just wanted to tell you all to have Faith and believe In God!
How I love Our Catholic Faith and Our God, Our Lady,St Padre Pio,St Peregrine, St Jude, St Mary MacKillop, St Gerard Majalla,St Joseph,St Theresa,St Michael,St Jude and all the saints and Angels, they are here, believe me! [By Vicki]

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2 Responses to My Cancer Journey With God

  1. Dave says:

    A very moving testimony, you are so brave. God’s grace is wonderful and can see us through all our trials. God be with you and thank you for sharing.

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