Miracle of the Vanishing Relic

Miracle of the Vanishing Relic

Julio 13 years old woke in the night with severe head pain, he was rushed to hospital where doctors operated to find that two blood vessels burst in his brain. After the operation his parents were told he would be a vegetable and only had a 1% chance of survival. He was in a coma.
A friend came with a relic of St John Newman, it was a chip of his bone. She told Julio’s mum that she would like to place it on Julio’s body as he lay in the coma. Adel told her that a little boy was cured by a relic of St John Newman 10 years before in the same hospital. Weeks turned into months with no change to Julio’s condition. Then after 3 months something mysterious happened, the relic vanished. Anna Marian was troubled but her friend Adel saw it as a sign, she told Anna Maria that the relic placed on the other little boy ten years ago had also mysteriously vanished just before the boys cure. Not long after Julio woke up, he looked at his mum and said “Mum, hello, where is John?” Later, he went on to tell the story of how a little boy visited him while he slept. The boy said “open your eyes and wake up”.

When Julio came home the parents took him to St John Newman’s shrine to thank the saint for his prayers, and God for the miracle. Whilst there Julio saw a picture of a young boy “That’s my friend, the one who visited me,” he told his mother. The picture was of John Newman as a boy! Relics have been used since Apostolic times. (see Acts 19:11 & 12)

Miracle healing through the Grace of Baptism

I had never had any children though I had always wanted them, so after my husband’s biological children were almost grown, we adopted first one baby girl and then another. Unfortunately, three days after the second baby came into our lives and our hearts, her biological mother asked for her back. Since hers was to be a private adoption, we had no choice but to return her.

Two months after we gave back our baby, the phone rang one morning and we were asked if we still wanted the baby. Of course we did, so we drove immediately to get her. When we arrived at the house to which we were directed we found a terribly sick infant, so we took her first to our local parish to have her baptised and then to the emergency room at our hospital. The baby was seen by our family physician who told us that he was afraid there was nothing much to do for her but to take her home and love her, so we did. This occurred on Saturday.

The following Monday she was no better, so we arranged an appointment at the doctor’s office on Thursday. Over the next few days we determined that she must be blind and deaf because we were unable to elicit any response to sounds close to her ears or things in her line of vision. Her life consisted of crying, eating, crying, sleeping, and more crying. Her little body seemed so tense it was almost rigid.

The earliest appointment that we were able to arrange was for five days after we took her home. That Thursday morning, as my husband, my sister, and I were drinking coffee, the doorbell rang. The priest who had baptised her was at the door and asked to see her. This was very surprising because we had not spoken to him since her baptism, and he had never been to our home. We told him that she wasn’t doing well and that we had an appointment with the doctor within the next two hours. He asked if he could hold her, so I took her from the crib and handed her to him. The moment he took her in his arms she became calm and quiet.

The tiny body relaxed as if she were at total peace. He wanted to pray for her, so he laid hands on her and prayed over her. His prayer was one of the most beautiful prayers any of us had ever heard. He then left so we could get to the doctors appointment. At the doctor’s office she was seen by a physician’s assistant, and when he examined her she was a perfectly healthy, normal infant. She is now twenty four years old, intelligent, in good health and possesses a profoundly deep faith in God. I truly believe that God cares for her deeply and that He has a special purpose for her life. Thanks be to God, who always hears our prayers. Virginia Schmuch

Miracle of the Holy Name

A devastating plague broke out in Lisbon in 1432. All who could do so fled in terror from the city and thus carried the plague to every corner of the entire country of Portugal.

Thousands of men, women and children of all classes were swept away by the cruel sickness. So virulent was the epidemic that men died everywhere, at the table, in the streets, in their houses, in the shops and in the churches. To use the words of historians, it flashed like lightening from man to man, or from a coat, a hat or any garment that had been used by the plague-stricken. Priests, doctors and nurses were carried off in such numbers that the bodies of many lay unburied in the streets, so that dogs licked up the blood and ate the flesh of the dead becoming as a result themselves infected with the dread disease and spreading it still more widely among the unfortunate people.

Among those who assisted the dying with unflagging zeal was a venerable Bishop, Monsignor Andre Dias, who lived in the Monastery of St. Dominic. This holy man, seeing that the epidemic, far from diminishing, grew every day in intensity, and despairing of human help, urged the unhappy people to call on the Holy Name of Jesus. He was seen wherever the disease was fiercest, urging, imploring the sick and the dying, as well as those who had not yet been stricken down to repeat, “Jesus, Jesus”. “Write it on cards,” he said, “and keep those cards on your persons; place them at night under your pillows; place them on your doors; but above all constantly invoke with your lips and in your hearts this most powerful Name.”
He went about as an angel of peace filling the sick and dying with courage and confidence. The poor sufferers felt within them a new life, and calling on Jesus, they wore the cards on their breast or carried them in their pockets.

Then summoning them to the great Church of St. Dominic, he once more spoke to them of the power of the Name of Jesus and blessed water in the same Holy Name, ordering all the people to sprinkle themselves with it and sprinkle it on the faces of the sick and dying. Wonder of wonders! The sick got well, the dying arose from their agonies, the plague ceased and the city was delivered in a few days from the most awful scourge that had ever visited it.

The news spread to the whole country and all began, with one accord, to call on the Name of Jesus. In an incredibly short time all Portugal was freed from the dread sickness. Praise be the Holy Name of Jesus!

A Total Offering

Several years ago, our twenty-five-year-old son was diagnosed with very serious stage-four cancer. He had become very weak and thin before the diagnosis, so his condition was critical as he began receiving chemotherapy. Our son had married six months before this, and his wife was distraught. We prayed on a daily basis that the doctors would have the wisdom to prepare the right treatment, and that his body would respond well to it.

In twelve months, he was in remission and was very thankful. He and his wife moved to the mountains in Colorado because she had always wanted to live in snow country and the cancer made him driven to accomplish that. Unfortunately, the cancer soon returned in his hip, and more treatments began that lasted for another year or so. Again, he went into remission but the cancer returned a third time with a great ferocity. We were called several times to get to Colorado immediately because they thought he might not live more than a few days.

As we sat by his bedside in Denver, the doctor looked at him and then us and said, “This chemo I’m about to start as a drip may either kill or cure, but I have no other options.” During my son’s two previous battles with cancer, a priest who was also battling cancer was living temporarily with our pastor in the rectory. As his cancer became progressively worse, he had to leave our parish and move to a retirement facility in California. Each week I called him to see how he was doing, and each time we spoke he would say, “I’m offering my suffering for the healing of your son; he is young and I’m not.” My heart broke for him, and I was filled with gratitude for what I knew was a very sincere offering.

This special priest told everyone in the home he was in, in addition to his family back in India, that he was making this offering. My son continued to battle the cancer, and sometimes hope seemed very faint, but we continued to pray. In the back of my mind I always remembered Father’s offering. After many, many months, I received a call from my son one morning saying. “Mom, I’m free of cancer!” My heart leapt with joy once again.

The next day, my pastor called to tell me that after many months of extreme suffering including going blind, our dear priest friend had died that morning. I believe in my heart and soul that the priest’s offering was acceptable to God.

He Received A New Hip In Lourdes

Vittorio Micheli was born in Italy on February 6th 1940. In 1961, Vittorio, aged 21, enlisted in the Italian army. In March 1962, he began to experience severe pain in his left hip. On April 16th, 1962, he was admitted to Verona Military hospital. The prognosis was very bad.
Hospital records show that he was complaining of severe pain in his left ischium; that is the portion of the hip bone and pelvis that one rests on when sitting. The pain went up into his back and down his left thigh, and at times down the entire left leg.

Examination revealed a large mass or tumour deeply set in the left iliac area; that is in the uppermost of the three sections of the hipbone. There was also shortening of the left leg and very little mobility in the left hip. The tumour was soft and was spreading outwards with no defined boundaries; in other words it was clearly malignant. The doctors call it a sarcoma.X-Rays taken a month later on May 22nd 1962 revealed that the hip bone was disintegrating.

When cancer causes the mineral salts to leave the bone, the bone begins to dissolve. The X-Ray revealed the ilium, that is the uppermost section of the hip bone, to have been almost gone, together with the acetabulumor, that is the roof of the socket into which the leg bone fits. On May 29th 1962 a biopsy was carried out under general anaesthetic. They made an incision right into the hip. This revealed that not just the bone but also the muscles were in a bad way. Sections of the gluteal muscle, that is the muscle that goes up from the hip into the buttocks, had dissolved and had been replaced by the tumour.
Tests on the samples taken during the biopsy proved that the muscle had indeed been replaced by malignant cancer cells.

Tests on the bone fragments showed “trabecular necrosis”; that is that the bone had completely perished. The cancer wasn’t considered treatable. But a hip to foot plaster cast was fitted to stabilise his leg, so that he could walk with crutches.

Further X-Rays were taken on July 18th, 1962. The hospital records give the findings:- “Nearly complete destruction of the left hemi-pelvis, only part of the ilio-pubic line and the superior third of the ilium remain.” In other words the sections of the pelvis
into which the left leg bone fit had disintegrated. The X-Ray also showed osteoporosis of the femur or leg bone itself, and of the knee. On August 1 st 1962 he was transferred to a cancer hospital to see if Radiotherapy was an option. But after just three days he was discharged on the basis that he was beyond treatment.

The bones and muscles in his hip continued to perish and the cancer to grow. By January 12th 1963, “The femur has lost all connection with the pelvis and is completely dislocated.” The record of April 1st 1963 includes, “The pain increases at the level of the left hip radiating towards the knee.” Faced with the ongoing deterioration in his condition, Vittorio now desired to go to Lourdes, and to seek the blessing of Our Blessed Mother.

He was in Lourdes from May 24th to June 6th 1963. In Lourdes, he lay on a stretcher. He was in so much pain that he had to be sedated. He had no appetite and he had a sense that his left leg was no longer attached to his body. In reality his leg was only attached to his body by flesh and skin. The bone and muscle were gone. He was taken to the baths on the stretcher and immersed into the water with the plaster cast still on his leg. When he was brought back from the baths, he felt hungry, something he hadn’t experienced for a long time. He also felt no further need for the sedatives and stopped taking them.
He had gone to the baths a dying man and in ongoing pain. He left the baths with new life spreading through his body.

His immediate experience of hunger and his request for food were far more significant than anyone then realised. When he returned home he stopped taking the sleeping tablets, as he no longer experienced much pain and so could sleep normally. His good appetite, which he gained after being put in the bath in Lourdes, continued. With his appetite back and being free of pain, his overall condition started to improve. About a month after returning from Lourdes he had a sense that his leg was once again attached. Not merely that but he could now move it and it could carry his weight. As a result he was able to leave aside the crutches he had been using. By November 8th 1963, hospital records record a “considerable gain of weight”.

On February 18th 1964, the plaster cast was removed and Vittorio could walk easily and freely without it. X-Rays taken on 19th February 1964 record, “remarkable reconstruction of the bony tissues of the pelvis which had been completely destroyed, a new cavity has formed at the femoral head situated 4 cm. above the former one.”Effectively he had received a new hip joint, and indeed an entire new wing to his pelvic bone structure.

Further examinations in 1968 and 1969 confirmed his condition. Vittorio had gone to Lourdes in May 1963 with his hip rotted away, with a large malignant tumour spreading through his body, with his left leg literally falling off, and facing the certainty of an early death. Following immersion in the baths, his appetite had been immediately restored and the pain removed. Within a month he had mysteriously developed a new hip joint to replace the one that had rotted away, the bone and muscle structure in his pelvis were restored, and the osteoporosis disappeared from his leg and knee. Soon he was able to lead a full and total life.

He took up work in a textile factory. Here he had to stand for 8 to 10 hours daily, and was able to do so without difficulty. He was able to drive a car, and even took up mountaineering and started to play ball with the local youth. Often when a miracle takes place, people will question whether it really happened. With Vittorio however, even the sceptics have to face the truth:-somehow not merely was Vittorio’s life restored but he has a new hip, and to prove that it is a totally new hip joint, it is in a different position to his old one. That is something that cannot be explained away.
‘ Let those who claim that there is a natural explanation to the miracles worked by Jesus give us the natural explanation for Vittorio’s new hip!

Second Parkinson’s Miracle may Clear the Way for Canonization of John Paul II

By Catholic Online: Marco Fidel Rojas, the former Mayor of the town of Huila claims to have been healed of Parkinson’s disease through the prayerful intercession of “his friend up there”, Blessed John Paul II.

The inspiring account calls to mind another Parkinson’s sufferer, a French Nun named Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, who was miraculously cured through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II. her confirmed miracle assisted in the decision to beatify the much beloved late Pope who himself suffered from the debilitating disease during his later years. On May 1, 2011 Blessed John Paul II was raised to the Altar and declared a Blessed.

Now, the testimony of Marco Fidel Rojas has emerged. It has been sent to the Vatican for examination. The former mayor was determined by his Doctors to have Parkinson’s in 2005 after suffering a stroke. As the disease worsened he recounted to the Columbian News reporter “I felt like I could collapse at any moment. Various times I fell down outside on the street.”

On the evening of Dec. 27, 2010 the former mayor recalled a trip to Rome he had made years earlier where he had met Pope John Paul II. He actually had the joy of speaking with him after Mass. He thought, “I have a friend up there. And he had Parkinson’s. Why didn’t I pray to him before? Venerable Father John Paul II: come and heal me, put your hands on my head.” He testified that he slept without interruption that night, a rare event.

He awakened with no symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Antonio Schlesinger Piedrahita, a well respected neurologist in Colombia, has certified Fidel’s complete freedom from the ravages of Parkinson’s disease. Marcos Fidel Rojas enthusiastically affirmed, “Yes, John Paul II gave me the miracle of curing me. My great promise to my healer is to spread devotion to him wherever I can.”

In an interview with the ZENIT news service in April of 2011, Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the postulator for the cause, was asked whether other miracles were revealed during the process. He replied “There were so many graces and also alleged miracles. Some were examined more in-depth, because this is the practice. Before carrying out a study on a miracle, a prior study is done which in some way guarantees the process itself. In some cases we did further studies and the preliminary statements were good, but we did not continue to study them because the study on the miracle that had been chosen was already under way.”

He was asked a follow up question “Can you tell us in what countries these miracles happened?” Monsignor Oder replied “They were verified in France, in the United States, in Germany and in Italy.” The postulator expressed what impressed him most about the inquiry into the life and ministry of the late Pope, “The aspect that amazed me, which also happens to be the most important aspect of his life, was the discovery that the source and origin of his extraordinary activity, of his generosity in acting, of the depth of his thought, was his relationship with Christ.

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