Happy Divine Mercy Sunday

I love the message of Divine Mercy. When I converted to the Catholic faith many years ago, (former Protestant) one of the first books that I chose to read was the Diary of St Faustina entitled Divine Mercy in My Soul. The Lord always knows our needs and the time and the season for all things. Now is the time to proclaim God’s mercy.

Our world is going through a very difficult time, 2020 has been a very difficult year for all and 2021 doesn’t promise to be any better. Why has this terrible plague hit us? There are so many questions, is it man made? Is it here permanently? Is it a punishment from God? How can I stay safe? etc. etc.

I don’t believe any of these questions matter. I think you could worry yourself silly pondering these questions and you will never be certain that your conclusions are correct. At the end of the day, there is only one thing we need to do, only one thing we can do, and that is to trust God and place ourselves under His protection.

Place yourself in a state of grace by going to confession, receive Jesus in Holy Communion as often as you can, do your best to love God and neighbour well. Play your part in the work of salvation by praying the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet for our world etc. These are the things we must focus on always, and if you focus on them well you will not worry about the rest.

To comfort myself in these times I have placed a blessed image of the Divine Mercy on my front door, remembering how it protected a lady during WW2, after placing the image on her front door she found that her house was the only one in her street not to have received bomb damage after an air raid. I also pray Psalm 91 regularly and trust in God’s word.

Jesus told us to TRUST in His mercy and that the more a soul trusts the more it will receive, this is faith. I ask you all not to worry at this time, worry does not solve anything, but trust in Jesus, trust in His Divine Mercy.

We don’t just need mercy from God nowadays but we need mercy from each other too. Have you noticed how unforgiving people are nowadays, how much division there is? There are many hearts that have grown cold today. Now more than ever, is a time when we can proclaim the message of Divine Mercy with our actions. By our good works we can reveal the Divine Mercy of Jesus. When other heart are cold, those hearts that are on fire with the love of Jesus will stand out all the greater. Jesus said let your light shine for all the world to see. If we have the words then we can proclaim the beauty of God’s mercy, if not, than we can reveal that beauty with our actions. In the message of Divine Mercy Jesus asked us to provide deeds of mercy, and more often than not deeds speak louder than words.

I ask you now to join me in praying for our world, here is the Divine Mercy Chaplet that Jesus has given to us:

I wish you all a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday

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