Eucharistic Miracle – of the stolen Consecrated Host

Eucharistic Miracle – of the stolen Consecrated Host

In the year 1453 civil war had broken out between the Savoyards and the Piedmontese on the boundary between France and Italy. The revolutionists in their fury wrought the complete devastation of the little town of Exelles in Piedmont, not even sparing the church with its sacred treasures. One of the revolutionists forced open the tabernacle, and claimed as his special booty the silver ciborium containing a consecrated Host. Together with the rest of the plunder, he placed it on a mule. Having succeeded in passing without mishap through several cities on his way homeward, he at length reached Turin, the capital of Piedmonth. As he passed the Church of St. Sylvester, his mule began to balk, and, in spite of all prodding and whipping, the animal would not stir from the spot.
Suddenly the trappings loosened, the bundle that contained the plunder opened, and, lo, the ciborium, surrounded by heavenly brilliance, rose into the air, to the amazement of the bystanders! Great crowds came to witness the strange phenomenon, among others a certain Father Cicione. He straightaway informed the bishop, Ludovice Rocagnons, who, with some of the clergy, immediately came to the place. Seeing the Host, which had now released Itself from the ciborium, he fell on his knees and adored his God.
Gradually the sacred vessel lowered itself whilst the Host remained suspended in the air. Then the bishop sent for a chalice, which he raised on high, and the Sacred Species soon rested in the holy cup. A procession being formed, the miraculous Host was brought amid prayers and hymns to the cathedral, where It was afterwards venerated by the faithful.
To perpetuate this wonderful incident, a chapel was soon erected, called the “Corpus Domini chapel.” Mural paintings decorating the walls of the edifice give an account of the miracle. A Confraternity of Perpetual Adoration still atones for the insults and outrages our Divine Lord received in the Sacrament of His Love.
The present splendid church, erected in 1619 to replace the original chapel which stood on the spot, is the work of Ascanio Vittozzi.

Jesus, my God, I adore Thee present in the Sacrament of Thy Love

This story is taken from a pamphlet called “The Holy Miracles of the Blessed Sacrament” Published in Paris 1853

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4 Responses to Eucharistic Miracle – of the stolen Consecrated Host

  1. Teli Tru says:

    Nice faith based blog. I think it might be nice to see references on such an article. You obviously prepared it well and ahead so it would be nice. The Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Cruz is an excellent source of such history of the faith.

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Teli, I forgot to add the source at the time. It is from a pamphlet called “The Holy Miracles of the Blessed Sacrament” published in Paris 1853. God bless Geoff

  2. susan says:

    this is a very nice site, go on spreading the Words of God. I like this site also for defending our catholic faith which has been receiving criticism from everywhere today…

    • Geoff Heggadon says:

      Thank you Susan, it is very kind of you. Do not worry about the criticism because we will always have troubles of this kind. We are the devils prey because we do the work of Christ, so the devil must attack the Church and even be found within it. Also Jesus said that the world would hate us just as they hated Him. Let us rejoice in our persecution and be glad that we suffer for Him. We do not look to any individual within the Church for holiness except the Saints who have been proven. What we hold on to is Jesus in the Eucharist and the truths of the faith that have been handed down to us. God bless Geoff

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