A Prayer For The World

Father in Heaven, please give guidance to all who have sinned and have mercy upon us. In Your love, help us to see the error of our ways and reveal to us out faults that have been hidden by our complacency. Help us to see the need of Your salvation and the hope that Your salvation will bring to our lives.
Recreate us in all our ways and conform us to the image of Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Help us to know and understand the sacrifice that Your Son made for us in teaching us “the way” so revealing to us “the truth” that we may have “the life”.
In Your mercy remove all evil from our hearts, purify our souls and fill us with Your love. Take from us our anger and replace it with Your peace. Take from us all greed and envy and help us to be content. Comfort us in our sorrows and let us know Your joy. Strengthen our faith and take from us all earthly fears. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
by Geoff Heggadon

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