A Prayer For Our Country

I wrote this prayer in 2003, I found it last week and thought it is more relevant today than when I wrote it.

Almighty and Everlasting God, mercifully hear our prayers as we come together to pray for our country. We pray that our country will return to a more perfect love and understanding of the Christian faith, to the Christian way of life: a life of goodness, kindness, gentleness and self-control, a life of Christian principles, a life of love – where people have respect for both God and neighbour.
We pray that our government and those in authority will do all that is within their power to stop the current moral decline. We pray that our churches will remain strong and stand firm in the Christian teachings as laid down by Holy Scripture and The Magisterium; we pray that political correctness or the trends of the world will not sway them to weaken or change God’s holy law. We pray that our schools may return to the practice of Christian assemblies and to the studying of the Bible in their classrooms. We ask also that our youth be protected from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, from sexual promiscuity and from placing too great an importance on fame and material wealth.
Father, pour down your Holy Spirit upon this land and give power to the words of Priests and Ministers so that the hearts and souls of the people may be kindled with the fire of Your love and be transformed into the likeness of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May we who love and believe in the Christian faith, serve You well each day and be gentle and loving witness to your great love and tender mercy. We ask this together in Jesus name.

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