Some of the Miracles of Pope St John Paul II during his lifetime


Kept secret by the Vatican during his lifetime to avoid sensationalism, there are a number of documented miracles which took place when people were prayed for by Pope John Paul II. Among the many miracles is that of an American Jew dying of a brain tumour, who having asked for a Papal audience received Holy Communion from John Paul II (It was not known at the time that he was a Jew). After receiving Communion he was miraculously healed and within hours all symptoms of the tumour were gone. Another healing involved Cardinal Marchisano who after receiving a throat operation, because of an error by the surgeon, suffered paralysis of his right vocal cord obliging him to speak almost imperceptibly. Pope John Paul visited him and prayed with him putting his hand on the affected area. The Pope told him, “Don’t be afraid, you’ll see, you’ll see, the Lord will give you back your voice, I will pray for you.” Soon after he was cured. Amongst the many other claimed healing’s is that of a Mexican boy who was healed of Leukaemia while attending Mass being celebrated by the Pope. There is now a thick dossier of claims of healing’s from all over the world.

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2 Responses to Some of the Miracles of Pope St John Paul II during his lifetime

  1. Andrew Khar says:

    I love John Paul II very much. He was the light and star of the Church.

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