Angel Saves Boy and more

A woman stepped out of her car to post a letter, as she had left her car door open, a thief jumped in and made off with her car. The woman was distraught, as her young son was strapped in the back of the car. The woman immediately prayed to God to protect her son, she then phoned the Police. She also phoned all her friends and asked them to pray. Sometime later her car was found with her son still safely strapped inside. When questioned, the boy told the Police that a bright man dressed in white had sat on the bonnet of the car and frightened the thief off. The glowing man had stayed with him until the Police arrived and then just disappeared. The woman’s prayer had been answered.

Angel Testimony By Pat Stewart.

‘My first marriage had broken down and I was at home with my two children, then aged six and ten. I was in a bad way financially, having been left with lots of debt.

One morning the heating boiler blocked up and the water would not come out of the tap although the flame was still lit. I could see if something was not done quickly there could be an explosion and I was very worried. I telephoned a gas fitter but the money was more than I could afford to pay. I was desperate and prayed to God. Within several minutes of this, there came a knock at the door, it was a plumber, “I’ve come to mend your boiler, luv” he said, in a broad Yorkshire accent. He then quickly unblocked the boiler and asked me if there was anything else needed doing. As I was on my own there were dripping taps everywhere. Where had he come from? How was I going to pay him? As he came down the stairs I stopped to thank him and asked how much I owed him. “Never you mind, luv.” He said, “av it on me” and then he gave me a big hug and vanished out the back door! I quickly followed him but there was nobody there! No car nothing! I went out quickly to the street, it was deserted.

I believe he was an angel who rescued me when I was in danger, after that I came to see that God is always in control whatever happens. Many years have passed, my children have grown up now but it is still dear in our minds the day we entertained angels unawares.’ (Hebrew 13:1&2)[lg_gallery]

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